Monday, March 05, 2018


i'm not admitting to anything outright, but let's just say that when you are single you can sit around in your underwears and the blue and black striped knee-high socks that you wore to church and your dangly turquoise earrings from egypt and pinky red lips that  will last until tomorrow.  there's no one to impress here.  so i'm flaunting it to the world wide web.  andrea was here a few weekends ago and we were talking about the old blogging days.  i do really miss them.  we admitted to each other that we still narrate our days in our heads like we were going to blog about them. so i'm here.  blogging. 

momentous things have happened.
 #1: i bought 2 new bras and it was not painful.  the bra struggle is real but this time was pretty painless, and i'm quite pleased with the prettiness factor of said bras.
 #2 i lost a tooth.  there is a hole in my mouth where my molar used to be.  the tooth in question was probably disintegrating over time and i was probably aware of it but most likely avoiding it until it all came to a head one day at work, at a managers meeting where i was showing off my watermelon sour gummy gobbling abilities (if sour gummy eating was a sport, i'd be an olympian, just saying). i basically the gummies pulled my tooth apart into little toothlets.  so i ended my 14 year drought of dentistry--don't judge me, judgers--and went to see #doctorwinstonluie again.  they were all super gentle with  me as one might be with someone who hasn't been to the dentist in 14 years.... but the gentleness ended quite abruptly when my tooth was yanked.  like i was literally and physically afraid my cheek was going to tear open.  it was hard to get it out because of the little pieces.  man, what a relief when that was over and i was sent home with a wad of bloody gauze in my mouth and with the stunning future  of an implant that will cost 4000.00.  this gave birth to the saying "i guess i was saving for a tooth not a car"  this is all to say that middle age is great.
 #3 i bought a ticket to morocco and so that means all my dreams will come true.
 #4 i spent saturday afternoon warshing my floors and in particular cleaning up the area of the cat's bathroom, which had some bad incidents last week.  new box, new littler catching mat,  new life.
 #5 i hired all new staff from january to now.  my last new staff starts tomorrow.  ann got another job, lindsay moved to victoria, theresa moved units.  so now i have jimmy, who i call jim-jam and other things.  he's a restuarant guy.  used to work at chill winston in gastown, and is of taiwanese heritage.  next was nuria, who is muslim chinese.  i stole her from colin.  she laughs at everything and has a comlicated hierarchy of best friends which i duly charted. and last is kathy, she is also of chinese background, and seems quite enthusiastic and has worked at a clubhouse in toronto.  so that's a lot of change.
#6 we started a stairs climbing club at work.  it all started when a member named karim told me that he was climbing the stairs in sets every day and i asked if i could do it with him, and a number of people started joining us.  at first we went up the 5 floors just 3 times but now we are up to 6 times.  i like it because it's quick and we do it after lunch and i get an energy boost for the rest of the day and who doesn't like to be sweaty at work?   karim is motivated because he wants to do the grouse grind and i'm motivated because i want to walk all over morocco and perhaps hike a sand dune in the sahara desert or something rad like that. sometimes on the weekends i go to wreck beach and enjoy the beach and then do the almost 500 steps back up.

in fact i went yesterday and took karim.  he did the stairs 4 times!! ugh.  i told him about this guy i met once who was 61 and did the stairs 6 times a day.  the idea makes me want to barf.  once is enough for me.  but while karim got his stairs in, i wandered the beach and took a few clicks and saw one old naked hippy sunning with a reflector blanket behind him. 

it was a gorgeous day that made me feel like, yes spring might actually arrive and it might be soon. and that is just a hopeful seed to plant in one's heart.

also, in january i did a blitz weekend at sarah's and had some fun adventures. the theme for the weekend was fun.  we started off by having some flavoured oxygen at the oxygen bar at the mall.  then we ate some yummies at an asian fusion place, and as we all know asian fusian is my jam.  we shared 6 bao, which became one bite bao, and the first one i bit splarshed hoisin sauce of shame down my quirky cat blouse.  but i was undeterred.  we also had korean chicken wings--yum, and bibimbap and a bowl of ramen.  it was all delish.  that night we sat at home and discussed hymns.  this is not a joke.  we honestly had lengthy discussions.  kyle is the music guy at their branch.  he picks the hymns.  and he doesn't like how great thou art.  i don't get that.  but whatever.  i don't like screeching zion's youth in latter-days, so we all have our things.  the funny thing is that in kyle's branch they sometimes just change the hymns he picks without telling him, because the piano players are not the most confident and that sunday they changed his choice to how great thou art which sarah and i got a lot of mirth, talking about how he was just steaming inside as he conducted placidly.... i digress.  the next day we went for adventures to sombrio beach which is a couple of hours away from sooke on a windy road towards port renfrew.  it's a surfer's beach and it was packed this particular january afternoon.  as  we drove around the jammed up parking lot there were surfers all around in various stages of dress and undress and one guy in particular was eating a carrot lined with hummus like a hot dog.  there's a path through really dark woods to the beach and there are outhouses a top of their pits with wire mesh around them so one can technically see what's inside and i don't get that.  like i'll just wait for you outside of the toilets which are up on a bench making the pits path level, and i'll just watch what you dump in the pits if you know what i mean.  the beach is sandy and full of surfers.  there's cool hammocks too.  and then it's all round weathered beach rocks.  the kind that rattle when the waves wash over them, and the kind that are knee deep. we had to hike over all those rocks, which were sometimes quite big and sometimes quite tiny.  the tiny ones got into my keens.  yes i wore my hiking sandals because i thought it would get quite wet and they are great for wet and grippiness. they are not great for tiny pebbles that fill up your shoe and lodge at the tenderest part of your arch.   anyways after hiking down the beach a while there's a creek and you follow it upstream into the trees and up to a cave and in the cave is a waterfall and it's super cool.  i waded straight up the stream and felt alive and wild and adventurous and took lots of clicks.  kyle's battery died and so he offered me his tripod but i didn't wanted to be fettered by a tripod and kyle took personal umbrage to this.  kyle is all about his tripod.  i have a tripod okay.  but i usually don't use it.  that's my style.  no offence dood.  my bank card fell in the stream twice.  first adriel found it and the second time i was like, hey someone else dropped their bank card in the stream too! and picked it up and it was mine--again.  when i decended out of the waterfall cave the whole family was waiting for me  and they had all fallen into hangriness.  i was shaky and starving on the way to the cave because sarah and i had minimal foods earlier because we were saving it for something which did not happen, but adriel had 3 bowls of cereal so i don't know what his deal was except he's a growing pueb.   anyways everyone was grumpy except sarah and i because once i started adventuring i forgot all about being hungry.  kyle led the way back and i was way behind because of the pebble shoe issue.  sloan waited for me and we went together. (i forgot to say on the way there  i made adriel be my walking stick in exchange for taking a pic at the waterfall).  then came the moment when we had to either walk of the slippery kelp forest on the rocks or go the muddy path in the woods.  kyle took us to the woods and i got stuck in a mud whole which sucked off my sandal and i had to reach in and pull it out of the deep squelch.  it was a huge mound of mud with a sandal inside.  i washed it off in the puddle on the way out and traversed the kelp forest.  on the way back we stopped at this little bakery called shirley delicious.  it was this little a-frame bakery off the highway in the woods.  you open the door and you are in a rockin atmosphere.  the owner is playing loud tunes and challenging the guests to say who the band is, if you get it right you get a free beverage. sarah got it right so she got a yummy caramel hot chocolate.  we all got treats.  mine was a lemon square i think, and everyone was instantly happy again.  once back in sooke we got subway, the kids went to bed and then! ...we went to the late show to see the greatest showman which was awesome.  the next day at church a lady in rs took a shine to me.  that's all i'm going to say.  photos of this weekend below.

 oh and we also copied a mindy gledhill photo

and this is enough.


Beth-a-knee said...

love it labee. I miss the blogging days too and often wish I would get started on my art blog again. Your flash visit sounds fun. I enjoyed the pics. The stott leaping ones are just perf.

the way of mikaykay said...

It really does make everything so much better when spring starts coming. The beach looks so beautiful and it’s so cool you’re going there everyday! The Victoria visits and exploring look so fun

Anonymous said...

So you're wondering why your tooth disintegrated after not having seen the dentist in 14 years?