Wednesday, January 16, 2019

today as i was leaving work i thought "great, i have the whole night free! i can get so much editing done!". and yet here i am, a woman with nothing to show for her night but a belly too full of pizza and a smattering of bruises all over her thighs and hips, because--izzy. her every step on me inflicts bruises. her paws are weapons. i don't understand it but my hips don't lie.

my foot feels fragilay today. like i was feeling some things this morning as i walked down the stairs but then i was fine until the end of the day. i don't know why. set backs seem to happen for no reason. just like today it's fine, tomorrow it's not.  i just want it to be better.

ahh well. somehow things work out.

erganomic AND cozy arm rests?

Sunday, January 13, 2019

giveth light unto all that are in the house

 this morning i woke up at 6 on purpose.  i spent some more time on my young women's lesson while curled up in my bed in the dark.  i didn't leave myself a lot of time to get ready for church, but i left enough time.  when i hiked open my blinds sometime just before 8am i could see the beginnings of the sunrise through the condensation on my windah. they say windah in new brunswick. 

when i walked out to my car  with 5 minutes to get to ward council the glory of the sunrise was evident east and west and all over.  i gave the skies approving nods and suggestive winks as i climbed into sahib and proceeded to drive towards the church with a cloudy windah.  i had to pull over once for the basic reason that i could not see.  after a second i could and so verily i continued. 

today was our ward's first experience of 2 hour church.  i don't feel like i had the full effect of it because i had ward council at 8, but it was nice that ward council was at 8 and not 7:15.  i'm not going to lie about that.  i'm not going to hide that under a bushel.  i'm going to put it on a candlestick.  in ward council the bishopric confirmed that i was losing one of my young women's rooms.  in my heart of heart i felt like this was unnecessary but i was compliant.  and after the meeting i moved our piano and wall hangings to the last 2 rooms.  and we had young womens in those last 2 names and we did not complain.  but no on used that 1st room.  so i after i asked the bishop about it and he said something about 2 classes that are sunday school classes so they didn't apply and then he said to just use that room for now... so basically i think they are just figuring things out with all the changes.  but i'm glad we get our room back.  because it's the one that can have all our things on the wall and make it look nicer and special if you dig me, and i know you have a shovel in hand, if you catch my falling star and i know you do.  you catch my falling star.

my lesson was on being a ministering sister.  on the one hand i have a lot to learn myself in this topic.  on the other hand ministering is just loving as jesus loves us--so easy peasy!  just kidding. if being like \jesus was easy then the world would be full of jesus jnrs.  it's not easy but it is simple.  it can be. and it is not required that we are perfect.  it is required that we have faith, we try, and God can take that and use that.  he can make our feeble efforts into mighty works.  i have faith in that.  it's God's plan.  we are his children and he can nurture us perfectly despite imperfect efforts.  catch that falling star ladies.

this day has been a day of appreciating the light.  my home is full of different kinds of light throughout the day.  izzy likes to find the sunspots and do some sun worshiping.  those sun spots really are warmer spots.

 the rest of my house was c-c-c-c-c-cold.  so i brewed myself a cuppa hot chocolate.  it was so cold that my cuppa created quite the steam trails.  here it is in black and white.  tanya gave me this mug for christmas.
 i was sitting here on my love seat editing the above photos and i kept finding myself staring up at my green onions sitting in the sunlight and appreciating the beauty of this simple scene.  sometimes i noticed the variation of light and dark green.
 at other times i found myself deep into the roots and how they looked magnified by the water and light in the glass jar.

 c.lion gave me this tender succulent during girl's camp.  she was my secret sister.  i like how it's still alive.  i also enjoy the tiny tender shoot coming up.  tender. 
i had stake choir practice.  we are locked in to stake choir until june.  to tell you the truth i don't mind.  i like stake choir.  what i don't like is bruising my hips when i try to maneuver my bountiful hips between the two viscous and narrow arm rests on the seats on the stand.  jordan skipped choir practice. he always skips.  in our stake choir the tenors are all virtuosos and the bass are normal mortals like the rest of us. 

i wore my mukluks to stake choir and it was quite cozy.  evelyn and i always have good chats going to and from. she always picks me up. 

yesterday in the morning i had stake auxillary training at the stake centre.  it was in the morning and started with a breakfast.  my favourite thing was a cheesey egg casserole that also had hashbrowns in it and a hot chocolate bar.  i never saw so many different hot chocolate choices. there were different flavours, rolo, mint etc, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, bowls of mini marshmellows, caramel sauce, hazelnut flavour, orange chocolate rock salt...whipping creams...i was like yes, yep, mmhmm, ok, yep, you too, get in my cup! 

the young womens leaders met on the stage.  i liked our training.  it's nice to hear what other leaders do, their inspirations, and issues.  we were done before noon which was also nice.  i dropped yumi off and then bought a few groceries. 

heather invited me over.  she made me shake n bake chicken, yams, stuffing, carrots and cranberry sauce.  i brought half a lemon pie, some chips and ice cream and we talked and we chatted and we ate and we watched the second harry potter.  it was fun.

heather's bathroom is so small that when you bend down to pull down your pants and sit on the loo, your are pushing your face into her hanging towel.

heather's suite is full of cozy spots for her cat sam.  sam's cozy places are plenteous and sometimes he takes over one of heather's cozy places.  heather is known to give up a sweater for the comfort of her cats.  soft hearted h. 

and now it's time for bed and my weekend is already over.  too fast. 

ps. izzy's test results were inconclusive and now they offer to just take it off and do her dental same time which will cost anywhere between 900 and 1800.  hahahahahahaha...gulp.

Thursday, January 10, 2019


every night for the past week or so around 10 pm i hear the snow geese doin their honks, flying to wherever they may be going while having a huge honkorama.

i just wanted you to know that.

also frozen mango chunks, bites of cheddar and a few almonds--that was my supper.  not every day can be a molqueca day guys.  like let's learn to appreciate what we have by having weird suppers that intensify my cold feelings but satisfy a craving for sweet and sour and silky all at the same time. 

additionally honks happen...even to good people. 

i rest my case

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

a molqueca life

first day back to work came too early.  getting up when it's dark, is just not right.  back to life, back to reality...wu-wut? yes i did.

 btw fyi bottlenose dolphins are extremely intelligent.  they surf for the sheer joy of it.  that's what david attenborough says.  use your intelligence to do something joyful mmmkay?

once in a while i get urgent texts from elizabeth on google hangouts.  they are very demanding of a response.  sometimes she calls me anty laura and i'm all "i'm not your baby ant" and other times as soon as i respond she is like "G2G " and ditches.  sometimes i say g2g before she can say it to me.  this is my maturity level

so, i put on blue planet 2.  i thought it will be something i don't have to quite pay attention to....but holy moly.  i was just sitting mouth agape mesmerized by what i saw.  have you heard of a fish that eats birds??  they just jump out of the water amazingly and catch them mid air!  wuuut.  they have such gorgeous footage of it too.  slow mo acrobatic leaps and dramatic escapes.  visually stunning.  then there was a ballet of stingrays hunting glowing phytoplankton at night.  this is such.good.stuff.

anyways on monday i made molqueca for myself.  none but me.  i feel deeply that it just one of the best things that exists--so flavourful, so satisfying.  i was very pleased with myself and even did the dishes right away which is just not my thang.  piles of moldy dishes is my thang. has been my thang.  new leaf y'all.

i just had a bowl of it for dinner.  it sits warm and cozy in my innards as we speak. 

going back to work has been fine.  on the first day i was worried about my foot.  it was feeling sore from saturday on.  but tuesday was ok and today was not bad.  i guess i just need to be careful.  but i'm cautiously optimistic.  i need to go and see jasubi too.  i haven't seen him since before christmas.  he didn't send me any exercises/stretches/footworks like he promised to do, but i didn't do any at all s so we are even steven.

speaking of stephen i saw steve clarke at stake conference.  i'll get to that.  but first saturday i had a photo shoot at the temple.  bethany's old friend ben (not her husband) married a lady named hope last year and on saturday they were sealed. (ok i just saw a fish with a transparent skull filled with jelly so that it can look up through it's own head!!!!!!!)  i got to the temple early to buy myself some fancy new undies.  then i did some scouting of the grounds.  i was hoping there would be a puddle for me to use for reflections, but the one i used at douglas and tatiana's wedding was gone.  they done gone an'
fixed the road.

oh well.  then i waited for the couple to come out.  and waited.  and waited.  there was a young guy and his wife and their 3 little girls (2 were identical twins) waiting too, and another lady and her husband.  we waited longer than we thought we were going to wait and i did jiggles and leg kicks to stay warm--well not warm--to keep the blood flowing.  i saw roger leaving the temple. he said a quick hurried hi.  some people came out and were like, "oh you want to take my pic?"  and i was like "yeah, i've been waiting here all day for you to come out!"  eventually the couple in question came out and i got busy.  i had less than an hour, but i think it went all right. i didn't charge them very much because they were on disability and short on time but they kindly gave me a tip, which was nice.  after i was done with them, i drove to the stake center and with my backpack on my shoulder trekked to the bathroom to change into proper stake conference clothes.  i was ready just in time.  as i trekked down the hall with my backpack was heading into a collision course with non other than mr. stephen clarke.  it almost seemed as though he would avoid me, but just as our paths were about to intersect he turned and i said "hey" and smiled and he said "imagine meeting you here." and we went in and i sat with jordan and tracy and he sat on the side in the reserved seating.  he's a stake clerk or something, which is very appropriate seeing that his name is clarke.

on the way out the temple i said my prayers as i drove.  and i was all, ok i'm going to leadership and adult session today, but please help me survive it.  i thought i was going to be so bored and sleepy and restless to have to sit through all those sessions.  but the thing is--i wasn't.  instead i had a spiritual feast and felt the warmth of inner fires lit.  it was so so so good and i felt blessed to be there.  elder kim b? clark was presiding.  i hope i can hold on to the feelings, thoughts and inspirations i received on saturday.

yesterday i took izzy to the vet.  she as a pink sac on her paw.  the vet cleaned out her ears and tested them for infection and took a sample from the pink sac to be tested.  the cost was astronomical.  it took the last of the money i made from photography last year.  thanks to the jobs of last year i could afford vet bills for my cats.  izzy made deeeep deeeep gutteral growls from her carrier at the 2 dogs in the wating room.  a curious snorty pug and a fluffy puppy.  everyone was surprised that that sould was coming from a cat.  i wanted to see the vet that helped with archie.  i really liked her. but she had the flu so i had another vet.  she was nice though.  

at work, most people are getting used to my new hair.  hope still has to stroke it from time to time.  "it's just so cute" she'll say with awe in her eyes.  quite a few people are confused.  "your hair is curly now" they'll say.  "it was always curly" i say, a little irritated.  i mean 14.5 years and you think they'd have a grasp of my hair texture.  "really? i thought it was straight" they'd muse.  today a member buying a new lunch card asked if i got a perm.  lol.  ugh! no!  shorter curls look different than longer curls!

anyways times to lay this curly non permed head down on a pillah for some snoozes.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

a week

sunset as seen reflected on a picture in my room.


i've been home a week.  it was a lazy sort of week.  some days i wore pajamas most of the day and the one thing i accomplished was buying groceries.  i watched a lot of netflix too.  i didn't go out for new year's eve.  but new years day heather and i have a tradition, and that is meeting and going for a walk or something.  this year i drove to her place around noon and she opened her presents then we rushed out the door to get to deep cove in time for the polar bear swim.  we thought we were late but the dipping doesn't start until 2 so after parking up a hill in a school parking lot and walking down to the beach we still had about an hour to go.  there was a big bon fire and a band and some middle aged hippies dancing.  heather had to go to the washroom of course.  i said i'd wait for her on the beach.  there was some miscommunication and she ended up in a different place than me, but it's ok because we were each in places well suited to us but not to the other.  there isn't much of a beach at deep cove and the tide was way up.  i was sitting on a boulder in the middle of the beach right at the water's edge.  like sometimes i had to left up my feet so waves didn't soak my runners.  soon the crazy swimmers were all packed around me.  like literally right up to me and all around.  their body heat warmed me--that kind of closeness.  people were in their crazy get ups and crazy moods.  i took it all in and documented it as best as i could.  pics to follow--maybeperhapsperhapsnotwe'llsee.  the funny thing is una was there.  that's not funny.  i knew she probably would be.  it's her family tradition to go to the deep cove polar bear swim.  i texted her but by the time she came down by the water i was totally and completely surrounded by swimmers.  but when i was taking pics i saw her brother.  so i looked through the pics i had taken and sure enough, i had taken a pic of her!

after it was over heather and i found each other again.  i was so cold after sitting on a cold rock for over an hour and being splashed by the revelers.  my face was even too frozen to speak properly at first and my flesh even in my upper inner thighs was bloodless and cold.  we walked back to the car which warmed us up.  i think it's the biggest walk my foot has had and i felt it a little bit.

we went back to heather's and warmed up with ginger drink and blankets.  then we went to the white spot for dinner because h had some gift cards. 

the next day my reason for getting dressed was choir practice.  before choir practice we met up with dana who sometimes plays the organ and other times sings alto.  dana banana, as she says to correct our day-na pronunciation.  we met at a greek restaurant and shared a greek platter and an extra calamari plate.  it was all very very yummy.  there was the greek potatoes, lamb chops, spanokopita, mousaka, beef slouvaki, and dolmades.  oh my gosh, i'm hungry.  i'm afraid i stuffed myself too much so that later singing in choir was a little uncomfy.

on sunday choir practice i was sitting next to sister gurney who sings soprano.  we were both in the middle.  anyways afterwards she said the nicest thing to me.  she said that she loved singing beside me and that it was so nice.  i was like, are you sure you weren't hearing evelyn?  and she was adamant that it was me!  now she always wants to sit beside me! isn't that the sweetest?  it gives my singing confidence a boost, let me tell you.

thursday's reason for clothes and make-up was a spontaneous get together with pask and lindsay.  we went to the movies and saw spider man.  ok.  i loved spider man--into the spiderverse.  i had no idea about it, or even that it was animated--so everything was a surprise.  it was funny and new and fresh and sarcastic and trippy.  loved it.  it was so nice to chill with my girls again too.  lindsay and i had some good chats to and from the theatre.  she drove me.

friday was date night with sarah and kyle who were over to get a van, and jordan and tracy.  i was given the task of finding a place to eat in richmond.  it was a lot of pressure because i don't know richmond eats that well.  but i did some research and gave some options.  the one picked was silkway halal which features the food of northern/muslim chinese.  i liked it and found it yummy and interesting.  we each ordered something and shared it.  sarah and kyle ordered cumin lamb fried rice--yum, and this yummy beef that came with wraps and fresh slivers of cucumber.  originally they ordered something similar but with sesame pockets but some girls across from us got the last order!  jordan and tracy ordered curry shrimp fried rice (i know 2 fried rices! but they were both good and different ok!) and deep fried spicy chicken--yum.  i ordered braised chicken with hand pulled noodles that were almost as wide as lasagna noodles.  so yum.  and i ordered hand made fresh lamb dumplings which were delish and juicy.  we also had spring rolls.  so it was a delicious time and the portions were wall family size and we had lots left over to take home. 

at this dinner i was telling them how i saw spider man and jordan declared "you have always liked spiderman!" i was like, "i'll watch it but i'm not all let's go to spider man!" and then he said i told him how much i liked the previous toby maguire ones and even quoted the famous spider man quote.  and got all emotional.  "and cried?" i asked, "and bore my testimony about it?"  yes laughed jordan.  i don't recall.

we decided to go for shaved ice for dessert and i was all yassssssss because we know that shaved ice is my jam.  we went to sulmida, a place i've had my heart and mind on for quite some time.  we all ordered the mango cheesecake shaved ice, which at a korean place is called bingsu, but then jordan and tracy changed theirs to chocolate lava toast which looked diVINE.  shaved ice really fulfills all my hopes and dreams in one dessert.  let it always exist and let me always have access to it.

Friday, January 04, 2019

all good things come to an end...except they don't.

sarah and kyle also gave me a new cookbook with lots of yummy looking recipes.  kyle became determined to make a number of them and so we found ourselves back at the grocery store.  this is when we noticed an custom particular to sooke.  it's called the hood picnic.  there were these guys just haning out in the grocery store eating their sandwiches on the hood of their truck.  sarah and i were making fun of them, "oh we're the coolest people here.  we're having a hood picnic." we'd say in our dumb man voice.  kyle defended them.  "they're just on their break" he said.  when we were leaving the store they were going to another car with their food. "oh, it's my turn to host the picnic" we said in our dumb guy voice and laughed to ourselves. then we went to the grocery store on the other side of the road and saw another man and his dog having a lone hood picnic.  kyle said dad would totally do that and that it was totally typical of dad.  we have never known dad to host his own hood picnic.  have a picnic inside a vehicle--sure.  maybe be hosted by a lone man and his dog as he charmed them into an insurance policy, a vibrating exercise machine, a loaf of bread, some trophies, an atm, some swamp water, some fine brushes, or what have you. but he has not been known, in our extensive knowledge to host a hood picnic himself. 

no skirt steak seen in these here parts! drawled the second butcher to me. so kyle picked out some sirloin tips.  and we made charred chimchurri sauce...we did run into a few difficulties in that sarah and kyle were currently blenderless.  so they just popped over to a friend from their branch and used their blender to blend up our marvelous chimchurri sauce.  kyle fried the steaks.  there was a tense moment when some of the steaks were a little blackened and sloan's sleep over friend kept on and on about the smoke which really irked kyle who was attempting to scrape off some of the charrings. but in the end? so delish.   we were up so late.  eating.  because after the steaks we made and ate deep fried shrimp in their deep fryer.  we played unstable unicorns too.

kyle made peanut butter dutch baby with caramelized bananas for breakfast on sloan's birthday.  then we went down town to exchange some things, and i bought a thin gold delicatos ring and we bought belts from a thrift store to make leather cuffs with for sloan's birthday activity.  and we got vietnamese food.  and we all made ourselves a leather cuff.  at first i was reluctant.  i thought i would just watch and help others.  but then i got really into it.  making things is fun.  sarah and i each used part of this soft brown suede belt that had long leather ties.  fun! so much more cuff making can happen! the possibilities are endless!  even huxley 'made' one but he promptly took it off when it was done and threw it down the stairs. 

we watched venom.  it was disturbing and funny at the same time.  sloan fell deep asleep during it.  no one ate the cheesecake.  sarah kyle and i played ticket to ride and i won!  it's my year of the games! 

the next morning kyle was making his last item from my cook book.  i forget what it's called but it's made with biscuit dough and cheese and apple and sausage and a bundt cake pan and it's soo yummy.  after breakfast i started packing and ordering all my things.  sarah started getting ready.  my last act of my visit was basically to do a lover's photo shoot of sarah and kyle in their bedroom with the great wall and the great bed and pillows.  i used my new soft box light.  first i took a pic of sloan and sarah because he wanted it.  then we locked ourselves in their room and didn't let anyone in.  it was fun.  we had mood music and sometimes there was dancing and other times i yelled really aggressively at them "KISS!!".  sign of a great photog, y'all.  i don't say y'all but i made an exception here.  as soon as i started taking pictures i got so hot.  this always happens to me. i burn up.  at one point i opened their bedroom window and groaned loadly as i let the cool air wash over me.  we left it open for a while but it was raining pretty hard and we had to put a towel down.  anyways, the lover's shoot was fun.  want a lover's shoot?  let me know y'all!  i guess my lover's shoot photog persona does indeed say y'all.  just to be clear this wasn't a boudoir shoot.  sarah and kyle will not have a blown up boudoir photo framed on their dresser ala tracy's least if they do, i didn't take it, ok. 

after the shoot we did some shots of sarah outside in her new and fabulous furry hood and then i loaded up sahib and sarah and kyle brought me a heap of food to take with me and i left.

next i stopped at amy and dan's.  amidan, i like to say.  i gave them their present which was a SMOKING GUN.  i'm so excited about it.  i want a smoking gun myself.  but i don't really cook at home so...anyways i'm ready to enjoy it through them.  they gave me a bag of goodies, chief of which was an amy famous santa oyster shell which i've wanted for many a year, a wire wrapped sea glass and a leather braided bracelet made by dan.  i hung out with them for a while and we watched the end of a movie they were watching...i can't remember it right now... and we chatted and we ate yummy artichoke dip and chips and solstice had an impossibly plushy tail... and it was time to go. and so i did, and i caught the 7pm ferry.  i was so tired on the ferry that i barely could keep my eyes open.  in fact i kept finding them closed. 

when i got home i found izzy and several decapitated wise men, a far flung star, a face down shepherd, and runaway sheep and donkey... the lights were unplugged and partially off.  at first i thought it was izzy.  maybe she got tangled in the lights... and it knocked off the wise men etc.  but now i wonder.  i see that the plug where the lights were plugged in, is burnt in both outlets and the heater plug is also this is what i think happened: judy was worried it was too cold for izzy and left the heater plugged in--which you shouldn't do--and came back to find it burning the socket and unplugged them both in a panic and knocked down my nativity set and left it for izzy to take the blame.  now...i'm not sure if that is what happened, but i feel it's weird that the plugs are burned and it's not like izzy can plug and unplug things if you know what i mean.  i'm just glad that i had a house to come back home to.  if i have 2 less wise men, so be it.  the one that's left can represent the others next year.

boxing day

on boxing day we started our late morning right--with ginger drink for me, and deluxe herbal teas for sarah and kyle and leftover coconut french toast.  i ate the only 7 sausages and left none for others.  i'm not condoning greedy gluttonous actions, i'm only saying it happened.  all morning hux was zipping round and round on his scooter and then jumping off with flair while it was still going.  so cute and so naughty since he knew he wasn't allowed to scooter upstairs.

sarah's mission this day was to colour my hair.  project lighten and brighten if you will.  when we went downstairs to the salon, we discovered that someone had gotten into my christmas chocolates.  was it arlo?  was it huxley?  hard to know.  on the one hand, the wrappers were opened, not eaten as is arlo's mo.  on the other hand hux didn't have chocolate any case arlo got in trouble and put outside to have his barfs n trots and i got my hair did.  i'm not going to lie.  i was struggling with my new look at that point.  i just didn't feel like me.  sarah was hoping the light n bright was going to help.  and it did.  after i i showered and styled my hair my old way, and blow dried it, i felt better.  i felt more like me. 

during the hair hooplah sloan was bustling about getting ready for our beach bonfire.  covering the wood when it rained, getting the wagon, and cardboard and all needs.  adriel and sloan and arlo walked down to ella beach ahead of us and sarah, kyle, huxley and i drove down in sahib the habib.  ella beach is reached from a downward path off of a cul de sac.  when it opened up to the beach which is a beach consisting of  deep banks of rounded, water eroded stones, i looked down at my foot and i looked over to where the fire was already started, and back down at my tender tootsie.  i felt apprehension.  after wearing bucky the boot for 6 weeks all together i didn't want to exacerbate my foot injury by turning my ankle on a sea of wobbly rocks.  i took a route and speed of extreme caution.  sloan came over with a walking stick for me and offered his shoulder as my second staff of stability.  i made it to the fire side in time it would take a turtle to go there and back 4 times.  but my foot was ok and that's the point.  foot preservation is the point. 

they built a stone wall the sheild from the wind.  i sat on my fleece on a wet log and ate some snacks.  we burned adriel's holy bum joggers.  this seed of burning the pants was planted by me.  i really wanted to burn the brown bum pants.  but that will be for a later date.  i brought pendergast and i saw a pic i wanted and so i told adriel what to do to take it and where to go and he followed my instructions and brought it back and that's when i realized that i left the memory card back at the house in my laptop.  pffft.  so we used my phone because that is what must be done.

 this above pic is our fr fr pic.  even huxley started saying fuh real, fuh real, so thanks again anonymous commenter you've really brightened our holiday and gave us a fun new phrase.  once one person starts saying it everyone else joins in and it echos on for quite some time.  frfr.

 arlo who is a mad mad dog when it comes to sticks, dropped a big heavy one just on the right spot of my bad foot.  he's mad for sticks.  he can't help it.  he lusts for them. 

i lust for cool rocks and ocean treasures.  i can't help it.  this time i was in search for a black stone for sister wolsey who requested one when she heard where i was going for christmas.  i also found this beautiful egg shaped lightly turquoise one but i left it because it was not quite so grand once it started to dry.  that's the way with beach rocks much of the time isn't it. 

just when golden hour was beginning we left because that is what always happens with sarah and kyle.  arlo was pretty funny getting into the car.  kyle would tell him to jump into the hatch back, and he would leap up and then bound over the next seat right away and then kyle would grab him out the door and into the back and again, and again he would bound over the seat.  this happened at least 3 times and it was quite amusing to me, but not so much to kyle. 

we went to mayfair mall to do a little shoppin.  kyle led us through a mud field to get there.  kyle does these things.  sarah and i discussed it--specifically the incident of early 2018 where he lead us through a slippery kelp forest which lay on top of deep rocks and then detoured into a deep mudhole infested path and abandoned us and nagged at us from safety when my sandal was deep in the mud sucking hole and my foot was bare.  that is what we talked about as we navigated through the mud garden path to the mall.  sarah switched one of her fab rings from kyle for another fab ring that fit better and she got some jeans that she may or may not have tried on commando while i looked anywhere but, if you know what i mean.i looked for eye de-puffers at sephora but then felt disillusioned and got nothing.

we saw mary poppins.  not in real life.  she didn't descend with her umbrella to the mall. we saw the new movie.  and we all agreed that it was good.  not a mary poppins replacement but a story that went well with the first one.  we enjoyed.  we liked.  we ate at bin 4.  my burger had deep fried goat cheese on it.  nuff said.  kyle and i got citrus mint coolers.

on the way to and from sooke i read mom's life story to sarah and kyle.  what a great gift. i think it's one of the best home made christmas presents she has ever given us and i hope she continues.  i could picture little jeannie and heather and grampa and gramma...i just really appreciate this gift mom.  it's priceless to your posterity.  i could see myself in your stories--like how you thought it would be cool to have a wheel chair and were trying to break your leg.  haha.  and in grampa who said he was eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the attic like i used to tell the younger kids who asked where mom and dad were--they're in california chopping wood, i'd blithely say.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

christmas day came, it really came

i think sloan woke me up at approximately 7:44 to go upstairs and do stockings.  i do believe i had been skimming in and out of consciousness for a while by that point.  i stumbled up, braless (regretted that later when i caught a glimpse of my reflection) and plunked myself down on the green couch.  we opened stockings oldest to youngest.  huxley got these super cute fluffy puppy slippers that he was wearing before i got upstairs.  all the boys got pez dispensers and two pez packets.  huxley inhaled his two packs almost instantly, and was already eyeing sloan and adriel's packs by the time they were pulling them out of their socks.  it's important to note that adriel and sloan both got cool ginch.  positive reinforcement of daily ginch wearing and changing is key.  they both got rings too.  rings for their man paws.  they all got colourful squishy stress balls.  sarah got fancy pantsy chocolates and leggings and other things.  kyle did her right.  but what was stocking and what was present i don't know anymore.  let's talk about me.  hi i'm laura and my christmas name is joyus.  i'm 44 and i've recently taken on the identity of a ball of curls.  my stocking was tricky.  i got slipper booties. soft blush pink with veins of golden threads all soft and plushy with pom poms and white fluffy sofness inside and that's what they used as my stocking.  there was a small pink journal sticking out the top.  it said "she sparkles wherever she goes".  i'm using it as my new scripture study journal.  i also got a cool pink n poip water bottle, and the exceedingly cute soft leather floral earrings that tanis makes, a soft white braided leather cuff that almost didn't fit but DOES.  it DOES.  and i likes it.  i lurves it. also some lovely lindor balls, and 3 purdy chocolate bars--2 chewies and 1 peanut butter one.  kyle is super jazzed about chewies.  ask him about it.  you'll see.  frankly there's truth in his jazziness regarding chewies and i'm not afraid to admit it.  when kyle purchases chewies he does jazz hands.  starting now.

we watched a church video about the real gift of christmas.  i liked it.  brought a tear to my eye.

the christmas tree was in the kitchen by the front window.  so kyle loaded up on presents and went in and out reading out the labels.  labeling a present and having your label read on christmas morning and receiving a well labeled christmas present is a joyful christmas morning tradition.  i got lots of good ones this year.  here are 3 that survived the carnage of paper, bows, n tags:

1.) to: lurfa. here's your bow. merry christmas. from: dullard aka christmas woodchuck.  kyle was a little wrapping challenged.  this particular present was wrapped up all lumpy bumpy with one of my favourite wrapping papers (be glad you were not up here to see some of kyle's atrocities said sarah one of the wrapping days of christmas when i joined her and kyle at the table) and a red bow on top.  i remember eyeing him as he wrapped that one.  i think i've grown in wrapping tolerance over the years.  let people wrap how they want.  i wrap how i want.  but my papers!  my ribbons! (said like the wise man "but my nuts! my dates!"  they are tender tennesee christmases to me (bethany is also tender tennesee christmas of yesteryear) but what i'm saying i can let things slide and enjoy wrapping personalities.  can i talk about wrapping for hours?  maybe.  what is she even talking about??? get with it.  wrapping matters.  anywho, kyle gave me a cool purse that he sneakily snuck shopped behind my very back (i think?) i', currently eyeing it up to be my long awaited camera purse.  if it works, swell.  if not it will be my regular purse and there's no shame in that.

 2.) laura-may this be a veritable bonanza of bountiful beauts, and may that be your life always, sarah.  a veritable bonanza of bountiful beauts was on my christmas list and sarah satisfied this request fully with 2 new lipsense colours, the razzmataz that i had coveted long, and roseberry aaaaand the matte gloss that i love to use to make the colour magically velvetee (fatima is velvetee).  there was also a rose gold eye sparkly that she wasn't planning on giving me, but after putting it on me one day felt strongly that it was a where-have-you-been-all--my-life-meant-to-be-mine kind of ditty. indeed.

3.) to my big sis who's awesome and bright & cheery and fun and lights up my life in a way no one else does.  what's this? what's this?  (heart) sarah ok kyle too.  we think this was some cute cloth covered floral studs and a green oval cactus necklace.

sloan gave me a new wallet. a mustard number with a swing strap and cute inside fabric.  his may have said "a pickled pete of your very own" which was another request on my list.  adriel gave me mermaid knee high socks that sarah picked up in a wonderous place in texas.  a gas station store that has so many cool things.  so texas.  i also got a  "farquad in all his glory"--another request from my legendary list.  hux gave me farquad and his interpretation was these beautiful glass circle iridescent earrings that sarah picked up in an art gallery store--that time she just jumped out of the car in traffic and sauntered to the side of the road. i was really spoiled with a lot of love and a lot of laughs and a lot of nice things.  sloan also got me a poster of a fluffy dog named cute boo.  he got it from his school trading market.  and he wrapped up these little pictures he coloured for me and drawings of me and archie.  so cute and so sweet.

sloan loved his shoes.  he put them on right away.  and wore them in the house all day.  huxley loved his flashlight and his scooter.  adriel was frankly amazed by his plethora of magic cards.  and said his new floral shirt was 'sexy'.  i heard him and sloan talking about how there were thousands of dollars of magic cards there.  and he spent a lot of time organizing them.  kyle liked his cool shoes and sarah liked all her big textured and substantial earrings i got her (but kyle got her some AHMAZING rock your world feather hoops) and she let out a pleasing squeal when she saw the anastasia glow highlighter set and i wrapped one gift that said "somethings are rad and some things are duddlywops". on the day we shopped at flavour--the date night, i had circled back, telling kyle i was going to get sarah something from flavour and telling sarah that i was getting something for kyle, and hurridely bought her the pretty crushed velvet dress that she had liked that was only 24, on sale.  so i bought a jumpsuit too.  i chose the chambray wide legged one because it was cheaper than the musturdy stripe.  "do you want a bag?" asked the woman at the till.  do you think i could fit those both in my purse?" i queried, "my sister is with me and i don't want her to see." the ladies immediately began rolling the clothing into tight burritos which i magically stuffed into my little purse.  it was bulging so badly, that i had to put my mittens on top to hide it all. and put my purse underneath my sweater.  then lindsay kept bringing attention to my purse throughout the night.  "stay a while" she would say, patting my shoulder, and telling me to take off my purse at the resto.  anyways i gave her those and a pair of red plaid snuggies from american eagle.  i feared the snuggies were a dudley wop.  in the end she returned the chambray jumpsuit because it fit weird and got the striped mustard which was now on sale so i got a dollar back!  it all woiks out!

when we were almost done with the gifts, that's when adam showed up with his butt load of gifts from ann and also some from him of course.  ann didn't come because of my viral nature.  adam needed to make several trips and we were like woah.  i put the french toast in the oven and got the sausages ready and made the syrup off  and on throughout that process.  the french toast took extra long and at one point i et some of it raw (couldn't taste it) and then i gave up and et jonas selkirk instead.

kyle and adam and the boys were setting up their new nintendo switch and all it's sundries for quite some time. i think kyle was setting up a lot of things. sarah and i did reviews of her stuff then mine.  i think i was going to nap but i never really did.  sarah did.  i talked to katie and we talked through all the christmas morning things on both our respective christmas fronts.

there are blanks in my memory.  this is probably when i was sitting drooling in a zoned out vibe.

all i know is that at some point i started putting together my wonder salad and it was at around the same time that adam was making is good but  small bowl of mashed potatoes.  sloan helped me grate the cauliflower.  my salad had some fresh grated cauliflower and some roasted cauliflower.  it also had pistachios, and pom seeds and lemon juice and cilantro and lime and parsley.  it's time i said it.  sarah and kyle have NO medium bowls!  they have super large or smallish.  nothing in between.  biggiesmall okay.  sarah made a kickin gravy and some buns of perfection.  kyle did the toikey and sweet potatoes like he'd been perfecting it all his life.  and oh--yeah just the amazing stuffing.  just that.  it was an awesome meal and i know that because i had left overs a different day when i could actually taste it.  we congratulated ourselves a lot.

i may have said something to sloan about going for a walk to the beach and lighting a fire and he may have taken it very literally and started planning for it and pushing for it the very moment the words left my lips.  i'm more of an ideas girl and sloan is more of an action anyways at some point we had to postpone that plan.

some time after dinner i watched adriel and sloan play fortnight.  my favourite part was making them have simultaneous dance offs with each other.  sloan got a secret box.  well how to open it was secret and he got a harry potter wand and he got a squishy merleman.  and he carried these items wherever he went for the next week at least.  wherever sloan was those items were not far behind.  i named merleman.

we had the best cheesecake known to man.  i can't talk about it.  it's just the best. know that.  we had it with a mixed berry compote.  the end.

sarah read the les schwab story and the pickled paul story to her kids--those are our two christmas stories.  adriel liked them and sloan was disgusted. the boys went to bed and we played camel cup.  sarah won one game and i won one game.  it's the first time i've won camel cup.  congratulate me.  then sarah and kyle wanted to go to bed...well actually it was sarah, but i forced a 'lightning round' on us.  it was pretty fast.  there were lightning round rules...well one.  and you'd have to know camel cup to understand it.  but it did end quite quickly. i don't remember who won.  that must mean it wasn't me.  i think it was sarah.

we slept.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

christmas eve in actuality

the dinner of  'rogs seemed like it was really good but i couldn't taste much of it.  i totally doused mine in vinegar and  i took too much and felt too full.  sarah was quickly balooning out with a #notababy and was increasingly uncomfy despite all her prune juice drinking.  we had sparkling apple cider 'champagne' and toasted to christmas eve. after we all had our fill we bundled up, which for me was donning my fluffy pink mitts and borrowing a soft red and black plaid scarf. i was also wearing my cranberry short sleeve drape-y carty...if these words make sense to you, then you know.  if they don't, then you don't know and there's no use telling you.  adriel and sloan wore onesies.  adriel's onesie is so baggy that another person can fit in it at the same time as him, a theory we tested by putting sloan in with him one day....i digress.  we piled in sahib the habeeb and drove to langford practicing our songs on the way.  in angels the boys added an extra note at the end of gloria and swore that's the way it went.  then adriel said he could sing the alto sax part.  "you can't sing alto sax.."i heard sarah as we walked up to the door.  oh yeah, first we met up with sarah and kyle's friend, jordan, who is also their dentist, and his two girls, outside the rebalkin's house.  jordan was all, yeah, i'll sing baritone, and we were like ok... the rebalkins were home which was a success in and of itself.  after we sang reuban went around and shook every one of our hands and said merry christmas robotically.  jordan had a fancy schmancy van so he said we should all pile into his van, so we did.  kyle drove and he enjoyed it.  the van had automatic brights which feature, was particularily handy to kyle on this night.  it also had heated seats even in the back and checkers games on screens on the seats and jordan played sloan as we drove. he also showed us how you can move the head rests in the back while you are driving to give those back seaters a little knock in the noggin if you wanted to.  adriel enjoyed that part.

ifosa and isosa were not home so we did our tradition of singing to an empty home and then we went to badesso's but they weren't home either, but they did have a cool basketball court which adriel pointed out more than once.  our last stop was the rogers. president rogers is their branch president.  they are a kindly and friendly older couple and in the silence directly following our carol, adriel asked president rogers if he got his sweater vest at a thrift store.  we were all shocked for a minute but president rogers who along with his wife does enjoy a good thrift store find, just looked down at it and kind of laughed and said "no, not this one." they invited us in and we discovered a homey little home decorated all over with little things here and there.  it kind of reminded me of mom's style of christmas decorating.  i can't remember how many nativity sets she said she had out but i think it was in the 40s.  the rogers served us chocolate cookies and lindor balls which  president rogers called "those ball things". we sat and talked a while and it was nice.  we checked the badessos again before we left but no one was there.  then we drove back to where we left sahib and left the warmth and comfort of jordan's deluxe van and entered the more rugged sahib.  we stopped at shoppers to get butter and  to have a chat with the fwendwy and neighbouwwy pharmisist who recommended a quick acting medicine for sarah. a direct deposit if you will.  on the way home kyle changed the radio to the island station that plays all christmas music and the calipso gospel song came on, u know the one that goes "a long time ago in bethlehem, so da holy bible say..."  kyle played it loud and we sang along but kyle knew ALL the words.  he said his mom bought that album when he was little and they used to listen to it all the time.  huxley fell asleep. 

when we got home we trekked in.  i helped kyle take off a sleeping huxley's coat and his own coat.  i plugged in my phone, which is something i constantly do, so no need to say it but i do.  sloan came to tell me we were going to open the christmas eve pjs presents.  adriel got black and white pjs with an astronaut on them with funny labels.  sloan got astronaut onesies.  sarah got some pjs that she knew about.  they skipped kyle this year because he has so many.  they had jammies for me, but sarah couldn't remember which box it was.  i was given a pink polka dot one, but then she realized it wasn't that one and kyle found it, it said "to a round ball of curls on christmas eve.  have a merry ho-ho. love sarah & kyle." inside were cute navy bottoms featuring fat penguins in bright sweaters.  the top had neon colourful sweaters.  i went to change into them and when i came out, only kyle  was there.  the boys had gone down to bed and sarah was in the bathroom doin her thang.  i immediately changed back into my tshirt because long sleeves are too short for me except in extreme situations.

when sarah came out the boys were called back upstairs and we sang away in a manger, primary version, and had a candle ceremony, which was nice.  i've been thinking about the peace that Christ  brings to me and how real it is.  i'm so grateful president nelson asked us to read the book of mormon by the end of the year. since my one lapse i've been doing it every day and every day i learn of Christ and fill my heart up with his word and his gospel and his peace seeps into my heart.  some days i feel it like a real physical thing.  some days it's a sharp contrast.  i'm learning.  i'm learning  to use it as a tool of peace and protection in my own life. president nelson said it is an immunization against evils in the world.  i believe in that.  i put my faith in that.  thank God for a time of year we can put away selfishness and focus on serving and loving and delighting each other.  thank God for a time of year that's for families and traditions and lighting the world with joy.  thank God for lights in the darkest time of the year.  i didn't say all of this.  this was  all behind the garbled words i mumbled out.

then the boys went to bed for reals (fr fr) and we set out to do the last of the christmas things we had to do.  i had 3 presents to wrap. huxley's giant box that housed his scooter, adriel's magic cards of infinity and kyle's cool shoes.  i wrapped adriel's in an outrageous manner.  i wrapped the 2 boxes in the same paper and put the smaller one on top of the bigger and tied it all around with red twine and then adorned it with 11 bows and named it beastie.  kyle really admired my wrapping paper with the turquoise deer on it and so i wrapped his shoes in it.  i used the peacock ribbon that katie used on my camera present.  it went perfectly.  and i zig zagged a red ribbon around the box under the bow.  on the tag i put "you liked this paper so YE SHALL HAVE IT! to: a veritable holiday treat love, the twitterpated sisters" sarah was wrapping a few too, and i looked up yoga positions for her to try to help her in her predicament and the second one turned out to be quite effective.  she used it all night long.  i also relayed to her my discovery the night before, when i was less than loose in that area myself.  i called it the diamond position.  sarah and kyle went to bed about 10 minutes before me.  i turned out all the lights and put the last present under the tree.

christmas eve day

it's 12:34 am and like thomas, i oughtta be snoozin.  i have bags n puffs galore under my eyes that agree whole heartedly.   eye circles and bags are my personal kind of elderly eye.

well i made a few notes and then i kept falling asleep and so in the end i did.  now it's the morning of the 27th  and we've had our third and final morning of overnight coconut french toast.  it was the first time i could really taste it. because i lost my senses.  but they are returning.

kyle is lame.  he knows it and i know it.

so anyways, on christmas eve morning sarah and kyle went to walk arlo.  sarah was hoping to get things moving in her bulging bowels.  the boys were listening to music in the living room and when a rockin version of up on the house top came on, i ran in and we all danced our hearts out, even huxley.  when sarah came home it was time to name  our snow flakes and hang them.  adriel and i wrote the names on them, sarah taped the thread with huxley's 'help' and sloan put the top tape on and handed them to kyle who taped them to the ceiling of the living room.  kyle didn't read the names as he hung them, and while it was cool that he hung them, not reading the titles adds to his lameness.  he knows this.

some snow flakes names are as follows:
undulating uvula
a feather in my cap/yankee doodle was a fellah
all i want for christmas is more than 4 hairs
farquad in all his glory/farquadian/farquadish
brown bum
holiday horror

after that we got ready.  sarah did my hair in two high ponies, which were just 2 curly balls. i did my make up all sparkle and christmassy and wore my green shirt and green christmas ornament earrings.  we both looked quite festive.  our outing was the grocery store and think what you want, that's legit.  legitimacy is getting christmas-i-fied for the grocery store.  i had an ultra organized list with all the things we needed.  before we got the store, sarah jumped out of the car mid traffic and strolled towards some shops like what she just did was a normal every day occurrence.  i didn't ask any questions.  a wise woman does not ask too many questions at christmas time.  take note, by this time, i was both wise and legit.  kyle and i did the shoppin.  kyle is not organized in his shopping habits but i can't expect everyone to be as structurally sound as me in my shopping  organizational skillz, but he is a structural engineer... no judgement. there was no coconut extract. let that go down in history.  sarah caught up with us in time to fetch her own prune juice of the gods and goddesses of regularity.  kyle sweet talked a produce guy who fetched parsley from the truck just for us, and i found some measley sad sad looking pomegranates whose very measliness brings shame to their mother tree.  at the checkout we each guessed how much it would cost, as is our christmas tradition, and this time i was the winner which gives me a real sense of pride and accomplishment.  we determined to see what the other store had in terms of pomegranates and coconut extract.  the parking lot was crazy so kyle let sarah and i out and circled the lot.  we  found some huge juicy pom wonderfuls that were the pride of their mother tree's heart around the same time a friendly grocery clerk told sarah she looked tired in a solicitous way.  her earned her wrath, grumbles and glares.  "you don't look tired" , scoffed a just arrived kyle.  not lame kyle.  not lame.

at the dollar store we found cookie boxes fit for the queen of christmas and sandwich bags shown to us by pearl, or sharlene, or thelma,  or valdene, any of these names fit the wiry little weathered gramma with long white hair.  she could have also worked in a dinner or an 80s fabric store all these places were in her wheel house.

we were driving home when we passed the cafe we tried to go to on the day of the great power outage of 2018.  i was like "kyle why aren't you taking us to the cafe for a golden milk" in an accusatory way he was like "do you want me to turn around?" and sarah was like "you could" and i was like "yeah, it's christmas eve, jeeze." and kyle was like "get out" and we all laughed.

at the cafe kyle got a cider as is his want.  "tell me about your cider" he commanded the girl behind the counter, daring her to impress him.  and she did.  sarah and i got the golden milks, which is steamed milk with tumeric. kyle got the maryann bar and i got a huge round lump of goodness.  the girl explained to me that it was a brownie rolled in glory and drizzled with deliciousness.  sarah had been really jonesing for the maryann bar.  she tried to make it, via kyle at home and wasn't that pleased with it and then when we got it there, they both realized that it wasn't as good as sarah had remembered.  but the brownie lump rolled in glory was divine. we halved everything. golden milks are yuck.  i got mine with almond milk and it was bitter and the dredges at the bottom of the cup made me gag.  but it looked

when we got home kyle started right in on his caramel pretzels dipped in chocolate.  i started prepping the overnight french toast.  i was at the counter and the family was behind me all doing the pretzels.  when i finished that, i shelled the pistachios for my christmas dinner contribution.  i made an ottolenghi salad.  it was roasted cauliflower, pomegranate and pistachios amongst other yummy things.  i gave sarah and kyle two choices. the other one was a roasted brussel sprout pomelo salad that i had made once before, super yummy.  they helped not at all by each choosing one of the choices.  so i went with what was the most simple to make.  ottolenghi is a genius but his genius sometimes is labour intensive.  after shelling a billion pistachios and weighing them, i started slicing sausages for kyle who was now cooking the delectable home made perogies.  huxley was stealing them as fast as i could cut them.

 what happened next?  stay tuned.  i have to go because kyle is out.  he's the one that's out and he is always the one that's out.