Saturday, December 23, 2017

christmas at katie's: prolouge

it's the eve of christmas eve and i have this strange feeling.  it's this: i'm ready.  all my presents are wrapped, and wrapped well, i might add.  i made my christmas day dessert.  i have no projects, no pressing urgency of things undone.  it's weiwd.  a weiwdo feeling.

december 8th was my last day of work.  it was a doozy last day.  the day of our christmas party.  the day we cooked stuffed pork loins for 88 people and vegetarian lasagnas for 22 and mashed mountains of potatoes and roasted pans and pans of brussel sprouts and butternut squash. platters of baked goods etc etc etc.  it was a lot of work, and it was my last day before vacation so i had things to do to prepare my crew for my absense.  after the party was over and the members went home, the staff stayed a while and sat on the couch around the giant tv with a fireplace burning on it's screen.  some had drinks and some sprinted down the halls pushing others on rolly chairs.  i hugged a pillow.

december 9th i went downtown in a grey hoodie, pink hair, red lips and sparkly eyelids and watched the universal gospel choir's christmas concert at the queen elizabeth  theatre.  i saw them last year too.  me and mei lin went to the concert together and i locked my keys in the car and it was pouring rain.  this year i was on my own and i was newly on vacation.  i love their concerts.  they are so lively and full of joy.  i think it would be so fun to be in a choir like that.  during one of the numbers i looked around and there were groups of people up and dancing wildly.  that's the kind of person that goes to a gospel choir concert.  i felt like i was a reserved stiff person in that group.  and we know i'm not reserved.  we know that don't we?

after the concert i wandered around downtown looking at lights and christmas trees and then decided to go the german christmas market.  it was a little disappointing actually.  but i did buy a few little things.  they were my first christmas present purchases.

i made a decision to have red lips everyday until christmas.  sarah joined my bandwagon.

the next week was christmas shopping week. on monday i met with my work girls at a thai restuarant and we exchanged our gifts.  we all gave each other mugs. amongst other things. :)  on tuesday i got my toes done in the morning.  i asked for something christmassy on the big toes and she did these weird christmas trees... that looked a little...not professional.  i regretted it, but i accept it.  then i went downtown and had a councelling session.  i can get some free councelling through work and i decided to talk to someone about my egypt experience.  i was super nervous but my councellor was really nice.  it  was a good session and she gave me homework.

after i met fatima for shoppin.  we ate at the food court.  she had a poke bowl and i had coconut rockfish tostada .we did shops.  we did talks.

wednesday was my big shop all day day.  i got a lot done.  found some good deals.

thursday i spent procrastinating.  because that was the day i had to clean and pack.  and i did not want to.  and there was a lot of cleaning.  i wasn't done cleaning and packing and loading the car until 8:30pm.  i didn't even eat anything until 6pm.  i really hate cleaning my house.   then i jumped into a loaded down hot hips hoolipan and drove out to chilliwack.  arrived 10:30pm.

christmas had begun.

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