Tuesday, October 10, 2017

the day i closed the windows

they've been open wide since april and now they're closed.  i might even wear socks some time soon.

my body is suddenly decrepit.  "what's up?" asked katie kindly as she stood waiting for me on the side of the steep narrow path up teapot mountain (some call it hill but it's a mountain to me). "i'm out of shape..." i mumbled trying to swallow back some of the fight or flight saliva pooled in my mouth. "you used to be able to keep up" she asserted.  i wouldn't say that was quite true but maybe more than now.  now  my heart was sledgehammering against the cavity of my chest like it was making a prison break, my left knee had a weakness and a twinge, my lower back/left hip was stiff and achy, my shoulders are continually hunched and my right foot felt like it had a torn arch.  if it was something involving arms, my tennis elbow and carpel tunnel would be at the party as well.  ugh.  i'm still in my prime.  back off body degeneration!  today we did yoga for our young women's activity.  well the young women did. i mostly had a moment of clarity when i was attempting to sit up straight on my mat with my legs crossed in front.  holding on to my feet i examined them up close for the first time in a while.  it wasn't pleasant.  yes a crusty heal is useful to scratch an itchy leg at times, but the level of crustation was, well a bit on the jurassic age side of fossilization.  i excused myself to the washroom to wash my feet and felt a bit better when i could actually see some pink skin. later while executing a simple forward fold i experienced the mild vertigo that is my constant friend these days

right now said feet are feeling a foreign sensation.  coldness.  i'm enjoying it.

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Katie said...

My body is decrepidizing too. What the heck!