Monday, February 06, 2017

i only made 2 resolutions this year.  one was to de-clutter.  er, that's still in the works.  the second was to start my day with scripture study.  you know, start off with the important stuff and let it strengthen my day etc, instead of squeeze a few verses in before i fall asleep.  so, because i get up half an hour earlier, i make sure i go to bed earlier.  it's been great.  i seem to be more productive with my photo editing too.

then i decided to start a work out program called body boss.  well, i'm doing the pre-program for people who are not already fit.  once i started i realized that i kind of needed a pre-pre-program.  like 20 push ups and 25 leg lifts--you know when you lay flat on your back and raise both your legs up?  the first time i managed just 15.  sumo squats and walking lunges, tricep dips! --those are the worst!, half burpees, russian twists... ayiyi!  i didn't do it today though because i have a cold and i slept through my alarm.

at least i have snow to shovel.  i spent an hour at it today.  it was snowing hard the whole time.  i got a good chunk of the drive-way cleared.  i was thinking downstairs dave would need somewhere to park when he finally came home.  after clearing off an area big enough for a truck, judy came by with molly, who always looks beautiful with snow on her black wavy coat and told me that downstairs dave broke his arm on friday.  he was in a car accident!  so...basically he didn't even need a cleared out driveway!  well i just made a second path from the walk to the cleared part and finished for the day.  i went to check on downstairs dave--he said he didn't remember how he got into an accident.  he said he woke up in the ambulance.  in judy's words to me "i just hope he wasn't drinking."

first day of the new menu--a little crazy.  our sides are 'labour intensive', as lisa would say.  we didn't finish everything until 11:45, leaving us only 15 minutes to eat.  pot stickers and mushroom toasts were the most popular.  freshy fresh salad is so good.  it's cucumbers and carrots julienned really thin.  the cucumber seems like noodles.  chopped green onion and cilantro,  and a dressing made with honey, rice vinegar, sesame seeds and oil, lime juice....soooo good.  tomorrow we have the full menu.

in the afternoon we were prepping for tomorrow and i was telling some stories from my turkey escapades.  i really feel like i could write a book about my misadventures, but i wouldn't want anyone i know to read it.  man i was so naive.  

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