Sunday, October 16, 2016

once upon a time i had a lonely birthday dinner for one in a restaurant high on a hill overlooking the agean sea.  i was the only customer in the restaurant.  there was birthday confetti scattered across my table and a red wild flower in a vase covered in tinfoil and tied with a red bow.  

in another land far away it was a rainy fall weekend.  bethany, ben and amy were my house guests for douglas' wedding and thanksgiving.  during this visit ben found my red sea shell earring that had been lost in the bowels of my old couch for 9 or 10 months.  that's the reason i couldn't get rid of the couch and it stayed in limbo straddling the border of the kitchen and living room and gathering piles of bags and stuff since february.  then ben almost single-handedly dragged my heavy couch out the door and down the stairs to the side of my house.  something i never would have been able to do myself.  

the relief of having the clutter of the old couch gone and the wide spaces opened up again--that alone was so great and i felt so grateful to ben for his service.  but that's not the only service ben performed.  he emptied the kitty litter.  he tidied the huge pile of papers on my table.  he arranged my boxes and bags neatly on the periphery of the room and he or bethany cleaned my stove top and swept the kitchen floor.

it's like my birthday came in october this year.  i feel blessed. 

yesterday i went for a walk in the rain.  i mailed off biffanee's paints that were left behind.  the lady in the post office had a weird reaction to me.  she greeted me so warmly said something like "oh it's you!  you haven't been her for so long!"  i mean that's true...but she made it seem like i was a regular.  i didn't question her on it and just pretended that we were old friends.  then i bought groceries and cat food and stuffed them all in my backpack but before waddling home i stopped at the new qoola and had a little frozen yogurt. by the time i was walking home the rain had stopped.  

there's this house on the way home that has live and thriving glorious orchids PLANTED IN THE GROUND.  i mean how???

i put away my groceries and washed the dishes and had a shower and drove to meet work peeps before traveling downtown together to watch a canucks game.  they have us box seats.  it was pretty fun, even for someone who is meh about hockey.  they scored on themselves.  ha.  that's how it started.  but by the end of the night they tied it up just before then end of the 3rd period. then 3 on 3 overtime and then shoot out.  we won.  so that was cool.  

i even went to bed at a responsible time.  now everyone is going to like me for being such a good girl.  #winkwink  #youlaughbutthatswhatiactuallythinkdeepdowninsideandimjustmakingfunofmyselfforbeingsosilly.

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