Monday, October 17, 2016

frehsy fresh

today's evan's birthday so in honour of that i'm reposting some of my favourites from the shoot we did in 2012 for his out of obscurity album.  yeah, and i just like them so....awkward pause in which you realize i'm flaunting my flauntables.

on saturday night i went to the opening night of canucks hockey.  they gave us free tickets in a penthouse suite.  it was pretty fun.  i wore my only jeans.  because my others have holes in them.  i got these jeans in the spring/summer this year.  they are sevens and they were not cheap.  i had high hopes for them.  high apple pie, if you will.  they were melissa mccarthy sevens and i believed as a curvy lady melissa reinforced her jeans in the right spots. i think you can see where this is heading.  sunday afternoon i was putting away my clothes and i picked up these jeans--my only jeans--the melissa mccarthy sevens jeans-- and what did i see?  big hole in the butt.  now i'm jeanless.  pffft. *throw up my hands* *kick the dirt*  *bang my head on the wall*  i don't even want to buy new jeans.  it's just throwing money away!  on the other hand i need pants.  this could end up like the toaster. ( i didn't want a toaster unless i have the exact toaster i wanted and i still don't have a toaster.  toaster. TOASTer).  meanwhile i wore my cool hip and sassy new yoga pants to work today but this is not a long term solution. stay tuned.

on saturday i decided to get some exercise and do some errands at the same time because truth be told i enjoy a good stroll in stormy weather.  i do.  so waltzed out in the wind and rain with my backpack.  i walked down the post office and mailed biffanee's paints (proud of myself for that one)  then over to the pet food store and then over to the grocery store.  i stuffed everything into my backpack and before going home i stopped for a little frozen yogurt at the new neighbourhood qoola because obviously yolo froyo.

anyways i was wearing my toe shoes.  no big deal.  and everything was fine.  but then on the way to the game on the skytrain and such my achillies tendon was super sore making it difficile to walk up and especially downstairs.  and i was like seriously, tendon?  it was just a walk.  *eye roll*...  if that's how my tendon is going to be, i'm going to do some aquasizing.  so i looked it up and that's when i saw aqua zumba and i was intrigued.  

(is it just me or is my writing super boring and lame right now)  be quiet.

today i called upstairs to theresa.  she wasn't at her desk so i left a message "hi theresa, i have a super special proposition for you so get back to me.", i said thus passing on the feeling of intrigue (brother morely's favourite word when teaching is "intriguing" and i think he would be pleased right now) to theresa.  when she called me back she basically admitted her feelings of intrigue.  "two words" i said to her, "aqua zumba", really emphasizing and lengthening out  each word so as to accentuate how awesome it would be to go.  it worked.  theresa right away began planning the necessary arrangements, namely a deforestation of her legs.  

the said deforestation as it turned out almost kept her from class because of shoddy razors and thick undergrowth in the leg forests.  i on the other hand kept deforestation to the minimum by chosing my takini with the sagging old skirt.  wise choice?  we shall see.  so i was there before tiny t and i got into the pool about ten minutes before class.  it was my first time to minoru pool and i liked it.  i could see the sun setting from the windows.  i just hung out in the shallow end minding my own business and keeping out of the way of all the lane swimmers who were getting in their last laps.  that's when i saw him.  it can't be him, i thought.  but yes it was.  it was john d. a member from the clubhouse.  and yes he did notice me and yes he did come up to me his white beard all glistening with cholrinated water, his flippers and his goggles at the ready.  

john told me he left the other pool area rather than punch someone in the face and i said that was a good solid decision.  it's the noise that bugs him.  he said he's had words with clive (or was it owen? i don't know) about the noise and asked him repeatedly to do something about it.  want to do something for mental health?  bring peace to pools, said john.  that's a nice bathing suit said john when he should have been gathering his breath.  i love exercise said john.  if i didn't exercise i'd be dead long ago. nod nod nod.  i said.   soon a cute spunky looking east asian canadian (is that a thing?) lady was standing at the edge of the pool and clapping her hands.  i assumed she was the instructor and i said a hasty goodbye to john and drifted closer the lady along with a handful of other ladies and a few men.  sure enough she started dancing and leading us in our zumba experience.  for the most part i could follow along. the good thing about aqua zumba is that it is harder for people to tell if you aren't doing it correctly because most of the movement is underwater.  i dig that.  so we did some warm up dances and it came to me quite early in the whole experience that my choice of bathing suit was not as fantastic as once believed.  namely my skirt kept falling down and floating up at the same time. i constantly had to hold it up.  lesson learned.  after 2 or 3 dances t-bone siddled up to me.  and we did the rest of the class together.  it was quite fun and that's what people like me care about. we care about fun.  we are fun fanatics.  i was never quite out of breath but i'm feeling right now that i got a good abs work out so that's cool.  i impressed our instructor and was basically the star of the class at one point when i was one of the only ones who could do a complete 360 turn in the pool. *beaming cherub cheeks full of sunshine*.  of course there was that other time when i just could not get the foot work right *crimson cheeks of shame*.  but truthfully no on looked like they were doing what spunky pants was doing and as theresa said, "i'm going to do my own interpretation on that".

after class t-train and i mutually assented to time in the hot tub.  which was nice.  but after a while i really needed to pee so we went in and changed and yadda yadda.  i will say this very important tidbit, when i did pee, it smelled like cabbage.  you're welcome.  i've been eating a lot of cabbage lately because i made a fantastic slaw with red cabbage, apple, fennel, onion, ginger, carrot, cilantro, olive oil, rice wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar and lime juice.  it's fantastic and freshy fresh.  i've been eating it with every meal.  

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Katie said...

You STILL don't have a toaster? I'm sorry about the death of your jeans. Aqua Zumba sounds fun!