Saturday, August 20, 2016

me + yous = 3rd wheel fun

summer, i in turn love you and endure you.  you are like youth--you give the impression of lasting forever but suddenly you are over.

yesterday was so hot.  i felt like i had heat stroke in my own home.  i was watching the track and field olympic events like high jump and the 4x4 and 4x1 races.  i couldn't stand my clothes.  they were my lightest things but their weight and heat oppressed me.  the couch was a bed of heat.  i ended up stripping down to my nothings and having a cold shower.  then before i dressed again, i ran my clothes under the tap and put them on damp.  this is how i survive.

earlier i texted katie "what fun thing are you doin?" i asked.   that's how i found myself on the road to abbotsford friday night.  google maps took me way south to avoid traffic on the #1.  it's a backroads country route through south surrey, hazelmere, and langley.  i drove the the golden light of the lowering sun with all my windows down and laura loves love cd blasting.  fields glowed.<3 blasting.="" cd="" fields="" glowed.="" nbsp="" p="" the="">
when i hit the highway it was not long before i was exiting again just as the sun was setting and the sky was turning a dusky magenta.  yes, i made a wrong turn.  yes google maps sent me on a long goose chase through the fields rather than just telling me "turn around dummy", and i like a fool followed along until i was like, heyyyyy google maps, you sent me in a huge square!  after that little betrayal by google maps (i thought we were friends!) i quickly found macdonald dark sky reserve.  i pulled in behind brent's jeep, grabbed my sleeping bag and camping chair from the back and crossed the grass to join katie and brent at a picnic table.

i was just in time to join them for a movie.  brent had his laptop on the picnic table and we lined our camping chairs in front of it, our feet up on the picnic table bench.  but first i poisoned us all by very thouroughly dousing myself in bug spray.  i believe in being mosquito free.  i believe the children are our future...then we settled down for a nicholas sparks movie.  i forget what it was called but it was something about choices.  of course, being a nicholas sparks movie it was highly emotional and romantic.  i know what you're doing nicholas.  i can see you manipulating my emotions at the same time i'm helplessly wiping my tears away.  you're good at what you do.  brent was not impressed but that's because men are known to have hearts of ice in these cases.

meanwhile the almost full moon, that silver beauty, rose.  we knew it was coming but we hoped it would be behind the mountains so we would have some light free star gazing time.  but how can you be mad at the moon.  she's so gorgeous and she lights everything with this magic silver glow.  we walked down to a clearing and lay our blankets down and watched the skies.

we saw a few shooting stars.  and we tried to use the star gazing apps but they were weird.  i'm weird too, so it's like magnets who repel each other.  we were near a slough of the river.  and we kept hearing a sound.  brent thought it was a phone because it was almost like a vibrating buzzing.  i thought maybe a frog or a bird.  it came in three buzzing fog horn  like bursts in a row.  by the end of the night i settled on some sort of goose.  but the silver moon for all it's glowing did not reveal the identity of our star gazing neighbour.

we left around midnight i think.  deep sleepy fatigue washed over me as i walked to my car.  a week of sparseness in sleep time caught up to me right in that moment and i had an hourish drive home.  i knew what to do. i opend my windows, i blasted my music and i made myself sing loud and i made it home.  


Katie said...

I'm glad you could join us--you can third wheel us any time.

Jeannie said...

Wish you guys could arrange some fun things for me too. Wished I was there. Wht was the movie...would I hae liked it?

Jeannie said...

instead of typos you can look at as my scottish accent...why can't blog comments be spell checked ?