Wednesday, June 15, 2016

when i'm not thinking about radioactive vengeful fruit flies

cousins on the dock at the family reunion.  hey the family reunion is coming up and i'm featuring random photos from the last one to celebrate!!

today i came home to huge swarms of fruit flies.  did they escape the vacuum?  maybe.  will every post be about fruit flies.  probably.

lately i've been thinking about how sometimes a challenge seems insurmountable, impossible.  the more daunting and impossible it seems the more hope leaks out of my soul like a deflating balloon. darkness gathers like it's want to do when hope is sinking.  and darkness gathers more darkness. but. but then i realize that's because i'm thinking of myself in this challenge alone.  and i'm not alone.  none of us are.  and the Savior can do anything.  he has overcome all darkness.  he's risen with healing in his wings.  you know?  and the more i decide to have hope in that, hope in his power to heal and save... because when you come down to it, almost every kind of challenge is in need of healing and saving of some sort...when i put my faith in him--just a little bit even--i feel stronger, more capable, and the light starts to gather. and light gathers more light and hope builds and that is something i've been thinking about lately.  when i'm not thinking about fruit flies, that is.

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