Thursday, June 16, 2016

late late

 those days when your hair is non-descript white fuzz?  rock it.  august 14 2014

so i really should do the dishes before the fruit flies pick my bones dry in my sleep.  but then what would i write about?  i just finished watching zootopia and i'm sad it's over.  last night i watched epic so i may have the beginning of  an insatiable addiction.   archie was curled up in the space between my knee and the back of the couch.  and all of a sudden he started meowing in his sleep.  i mean first it was more of a whimper.  and then an irritated muling and then an outright alert awake meow.  he looked at me accusingly.  it wasn't me buddy.  lindsay moved into her own place today.  i taught her how to write cheques.  i also tossed a piece of onion at her stomach to use as a backboard into the garbage can.  i could have just tossed it right in the can, but i prefer to be cheeky.  that's what kind of mature manager i am.  sometimes when one of the girls ask me something  i just stare at them with my mouth agape and my eyes dead and blank.  call it a defense mechanism. 

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