Sunday, June 19, 2016

in my mind's eye i got up many times and did the dishes.  but in reality i edited pics and watched own network all day.  i only got up to go to the bathroom or pay the pizza delivery boy.

my hair is so flat recently.  i need a lion's mane session with sarah again.

this evening was the pub night fundraising event for work. you buy a ticket for 20.00 and you get a drink and a burger.  i helped do the 50/50 and it made me think of lisa.  she always did the 50/50 and i often helped her.  after the pub night there was a get together at colin's.  he has a condo with a loft.  i just really love the idea of a loft.  maybe one day i'll live in a place with a loft.   you never know.   he also has a dish chair that he's giving lindsay, which is totally unfair.  all dish chairs should go to me.  obvs.  people drank a lot more at colin's and by the time they decided to go out for karaoke, i knew i was going home.  i just don't enjoy that part of the night when things start getting inappropriate. while we were all getting ready to leave dave slipped out and then we couldn't find him.  he totally started walking the streets in a drunken stumbling stupor.  luckily after 10 minutes lindsay saw him stumble by at the cross road and we called him back.  i dropped them off at karaoke and left, glad i was going home.

a lot of the shows i watched on own today gave me different ideas of how i can improve my life.  lots spoke about meditation.  i definitely could benefit from better spiritual quiet time every day. another one was about changing your thinking and your circuitry...that one was pretty interesting.

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Beth-a-knee said...

yah when i go to officer training courses there's always drunk shenanigans and it's my least favourite thing.
I want lion mane hair!