Monday, June 27, 2016

don't read this. it's boring.

well on friday my magazine came.  i didn't expect it to come and yet it came.  it came without ribbons, it came without tags, it came without packages boxes or bags... (actually it was in a package, so.)  i was excited.  then jordan did me wrong.

friday night i drove out to chilliwack.  katie and i made coconut buttermilk syrup for our breakfast group.  we are not advertising the coconut aspect however, because it does not start with a b, and we are b group.  just know it's coconut buttermilk syrup and it's divine.  if we are telling the truth here, i did not actually really make the syrup.  i provided the recipe.  and i provided support.  but really katie was cleaning her oven and it was way too hot for me to stand near the oven.  i have my limits.  we sent natalie to bed and stole her movie.  austenland.  and then michealah came home from work bearing delicious tubs of frozen yogurt.  i had ordered coconut and passionfruit with scor bits, coconut and mango juice balls.  it was perfect.  at one point michealah got up suddenly from the couch, walked briskly into the kitchen straight to the window into the dining room and dove through it with a serving spoon to reach her orange cup on the table, which she could have taken as she walked by it.  kids are weird.  she got gussied up into her prom dress.  she's going to look gorge as usual.

next morning i was barely awake when i received a visit from malachi and queen e.  natalie showed up too.  we fooled around with some snap chat crazies and then went upstairs for pancakes.  i touched them all to find hot ones that would melt butter and michealah told on me.  malachi liked what i did and took it a step further, squishing them all.

i put my hair up into a ponybun and took natalie and queen e with me to katie's new house.  when we arrived brent was there with a bunch of roofers and floor pullers.  brent's philosphy of painting a house is just start painting.  and that's what happened.  i tried to cut in first as much as possible, but it was a losing battle.  often i was cutting in on already painted walls.  i was able to tape off most of the kitchen with noodlie's help.  but she abandoned me once i pulled out the stove and we saw the horror that lay beyond it.

burt was another cutter in guy.  burt was the painting coach to all the painters.  eventually doug, douglas and josh showed up and morgan and avery and brinna.  and we painted our hearts out.  one time a worker walked through the kitchen and asked me if he could show me how to properly use my brush.  so i allowed him.  but i didn't really get it.  but i pretended i did.  that's how i handled that situation.

we got there at 9am and we went strong until 2pm when suddenly we were starving.  niki showed up with some delicious sandwiches, chips, and veggies and dip.  it really hit the spot.  then i had to take my paint splattered body home to get ready for stake conference. i thought i could get ready there.  hahaha.  i didn't factor in the need for a shower.  oh but first i made douglas and josh and doug read my magazine.

speaking of my magazine, there a few captions.  they aren't long.  people tend to want to look at only pictures.  take the time to read man.  words count.

i was so tired when i got home that i could barely force myself to get ready.  my eyes just wanted to close.  but i did because i was in the choir and the choir was small. and because i was giving rachel a ride.  these are things that make me do things.

but stake conference was good.  of course it was.  and it was good to sing in the choir.  of course it was.  after dropping rachel off, i bought myself some mcdonald's with a milk shake.

today was conference again.  and jordan was recruited to join the choir last minute.  jordan.  the one who did me wrong.  rachel spent the time making pinwheels out of post its.  whatever it takes.

i didn't have time to do laundry on saturday.  now i'm in big underwear trouble.

today one of the talks was on the sabbath day and how to make it special .  it specifically was about making it special outside of church.  and it specifically mentioned not just sleeping.  and i came home and had a looong nap.  4 hours.  others don't have my problems.  my over-napping disabilities.  others don't understand how i'm always teetering on the edge of dysania.

katie cruelly mentioned to me on the phone she was eating hagen daaz chocolate peanut butter ice cream.  like what am i supposed to do with that??  on a sunday??? could she be more heartless?  doubt it.


Beth-a-knee said...

lol. how could she??
I understand about your overnapping. I mean I'm not as bad because i don't stay up as late as you but still i have good 3 hour long naps or longer if I have the chance after an exhausting day.
What'd Jordan do?

Katie said...

Hey I offered to share it with you. And your comment about the guy trying to teach you made me laugh.