Sunday, March 13, 2016

spring forward

this morning i was actually on time for ward council.  on the spring forward day no less!  i smugly waltzed in like being on time was my thing....and found the relief society room barren of everyone but a smiley bishopric counsellor, a crochety sunday school president, and two cute sister missionaries on their way out.  that's weiwd i thought, and sat down.  and nothing happened.  it was only by eavesdropping on the two men that i discovered that the meeting had been shifted to half an hour later.  apparently some unlucky losers (me, myself, and i) did not get the last minute 'memo'.  oh the cruelty of this happening on spring forward sunday!  at least i got half an hour more to ponder over my lesson.

over the last few years i've noticed a trend.  i get ideas, promptings and inspiration--revelation if you will, at church, especially during sacrament meeting.  so i've started a memo on my phone entitled sabbath day impressions.  when i get an idea or something of that sort, i jot it down on my memo so i don't forget.   then i look at it at home and remember the things i wanted to do.  for me it's just totally neato.  and that is why i deleted my candy mania game and also finally started on my personal progress amongst other things. (isn't amongst a word???)

i never did my personal progress when i was in young women's.  who's kidding who?  i never even did my home work when i was that age!  and i've been feeling like i want to do it now.  with my girls.  because you know what?  i feel so lucky to be able to spend time with them.  they are so bright and funny and good and shiny and i feel so blessed if even just a little of their light shines on me.  and i was thinking if i want to be even a little like those bright shiny stars, i should try to live like they live and do what they do.  it's like i'm working backwards.  i'm a benjamin button and that's just the way it is.

so i have been working on faith 1.  basically you read some scriptures on faith like hebrews 11 (wow, i got a lot from that!) some talks on faith and focus on your morning and evening prayers for 3 weeks, and write about it in your journal.  faith is just one of those principles, like love.  i feel like i never know enough about love.  no matter what i know, there is always more to know or understand or practice love in a better truer way.  and i think faith is like that too.  it's such a simple principle and yet it is so deep as well.  i think it's something i can take for granted until i really think about it and what it means, what it really means to me.  and suddenly i can see ways that i can improve.

in ward council i found out my friend mei lin was in hospital.  me and leilani visited her after choir practice.  she had a tumor in her colon that was blocking everything and she was throwing up so badly just like dad was.  it was 10cm long.  they removed it right away and used some of her small intestine to patch it up.  we had a nice visit talking about lots of things.  women time is good time.  women need women time.  beliebe it!  mei lin recently got her eyebrows tattooed.  i never would have thought of doing that myself, but actually it looks really good on her.

i came home from the hospital and had a quick nap and then went to dinner at tracy cromwell's.  i was late.  she said 5:00 but i kept thinking 5:30 and woke up from my 27 minute nap at the time i was supposed to arrive.  they started eating without me, but i caught up fast if you know what i mean.

got home around 8:30 and engaged in snap jubulilees with sawsaw.  lolo and sawsaw are snap queens.

the big thing that is happening in my life right now is that i am going on a trip.  to TURKEY.  i've been wanting to do it for a looooooooooooong time, and no one can go with me, but that's ok.  i'm going to go and it's going to be amazing.  i got a super awesome cheap flight too.  not that anyone has to get me a birthday present, but if you were thinking, you know, i want to give laura a little somthin somethin this year for her all important 42 milestone of life, save your thing and contribute to the birthday present i really want....

a balloon ride in cappadoccia!!! i want to do it on my actual birthday if i can.  it costs about 200 and something for the cheapest.  yay!!  this isn't crowd sourcing though so don't feel like oh, now i have to donate to the balloon cause. cause that's not the case.  i will be so happy to give it to myself as a present because i give good presents!  hahaha ahhhhhhh.

archie just bit izzy's leg as she walked by. what a rotten brother he is sometimes.

so i'm nervous and i'm excited and i can't wait for this adventure.  meanwhile my camera chooses now to stop functioning again.  what am i going to do???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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