Monday, February 29, 2016

light in everything

i feel unsettled in my stomach.  is it the looming new beginnings night that i feel unprepared for?  is it all the almond coconut butter wraps i had?  my tummy tells me that something isn't quite right.

today was our ward conference.  we were supposed to have meetings with the stake young women's presidency at 6:30 am.  but sister sloan is without a secretary and the times got all weird.  but it turned out alright.  because i wasn't sure if they would be there at 6:30 or not, i got there around that time and when they did get there we were able to chat about things on my mind.  and you know, i have a lot of things on my mind when it comes to young women's.  and it's nice to chat about.  and they are good mentors.  and then my jane and yumi got there around 7 and we continued.  i had been asked to give the spiritual thought.  and i talked about something i've been thinking about lately.

when elder johnston was here he told us that everyone in our life is in our life for a purpose.  everyone we come across in our day is put in our path for a reason.  that the people in our life are given to us to touch or reach out to... and that each of us is meant to touch each other in ways that only we can.  he said even our neighbours and even the people we meet at the grocery store etc.  so i have been thinking about that.  a couple of weeks ago, i took a two day intensive course through work, at the crisis centre.  it was all about suicide.  and it was a really good course.  we did lots of role play and i learned a lot.  and then this week a friend of mine came to me who was having those thoughts.  and i was ready to talk to him about it.  i feel grateful for that.  and i then i was thinking about how we are to be lights to others in our lives.  and how the story of the brother of jared who molted rocks out of a big rock and god touched them and made them lights.  and said how we can be those stones, children of god, and he can light us up if we go to him and ask him to make us shine.  and then men, women and children don't have to travel across the great deep in darkness...

so anyways, i've been talking on the phone all night to my gal pals, (karey's getting married!!) and i have to go to bed now.  on family day i went to wreck beach and took these photos.  basically it's mostly a study of light reflected in water.  i'm so in love with the light in the water.  soooo....they all may look the same to you.  but each one is special to me.  haha.

when i first got to the bottom of the stairs i sat on a log and i saw this guy out in the water diving.
 i just think the waves look so gorgeous.  is it just me?
a portrait of a shell

this is the thing i can't get enough of.  it's so beautiful and magical to me.  the light...the sunset in the wet sand...

from a log...
gah.  i just love it.

let's take a break and look at the kids on the beach.  i think this girl is a one of the guys girl.
kids do funny things.  like pick each other up like a baby at the shore's edge.

my fellow sunset watchers.

i call this pic 'bros'

the diver
can you see the pic in the girl's phone?  she's taking a shot of her friend.
this is my favourite.  a solitary boy contemplating the great deep, the vast horizen, the fading sun.
just in case you missed my feet, here you go.

i was sitting in the sand right at the shore's edge taking some of my over 200 shots i took that night and this giant bear of a dog walked by.  later he was jumping the waves and left reluctantly but obediently on the cue of his owner.  she only had to say his name, not yell it, and walk slightly towards him.  he looked back over his shoulder longingly.
owner and goodbeardog.

the end.

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Jeannie said...

some of the most beautiful sea scapes I've ever seen...wish I knew how to put them on my revolving screen saver...u could tell me, maybe.