Sunday, January 10, 2016

el bo.

friday was such a gladsome day.  i went about full of joy and rejoicing.  after all, it was friday, and day of yummy foods, a day when i only work 6 hours and a day that is full of anticipation of weekend.

a girl named julinane was having her last day on friday.  a lovely girl hired to cover one of the many absences who had found a full time position.... so on such a day like that we have cake.  and since bruce and i were going to costco we bought the cake.  it was a very satisfying costco venture--swift and decisive.  bruce is a good shopping partner and it was a relief to get things that we have been needing for some time.  even more exciting was stopping at a kitchen supply store and buying five long wooden spoons, amongst other neccessities. how i adore the long and light wooden spoon.  you cannot know.  if stirring a huge industrial size pot of something thick and heavy, like say, chili for example, you come to appreciate the appropriate stirring utensil. we only had these huge wooden spoons that were thick and heavy.  some people think that a big huge pot of something needs a big huge utensil to stir it.  not so, not so.  in my experience you need the length to maneuver yes, but the added heaviness of a a very heavy and thick spoon.  you will come to regret it.   11.5 years and i can go on and on about wooden spoons and the like, and not quit!

but i will.

anyways after work i didn't go home.  well i did.  i drove up and parked beside the hedge.  the sun was shining and it was mild and glorious out.  so i sat in my car and played on my phone for ten minutes and then as i was about to go in, i remembered cat food.  so i stayed in the car and drove to the strip mall and bought some cat food and a couple new toys for my fatfurries.  then i thought, why not ramble down to shoppers drug mart and get myself some treats?  friday is a day of treats.  so i got a new lippie and a new glam lid and a fresh mascara and some conditioner and toilet paper, the latter being no so much a treat as a necessity.  just as i was going to go home i got a text saying that the group was heading to the flying beaver early for julianne's going away get together.  so i just drove there and i may even have had my window down part of the way.

the gang was all there, i sat down, the lowering sun shone directly into my face in a very intense manner...  the flying beaver is a pub on sea island just south of the airport and it is right on the river and all the sea planes take off and land there.  it was a very beautiful afternoon/evening.  i should go there for a shoot some time, i thought to myself.

i had the asian calamari.  ginger and lemon and yum.  lindsay had pulled pork potato skins and i may have had one or two.  so we had a nice time, chit chatted, laughed talked, relaxed etc.  lindsay and i decided to go to a movie so we left at 5:30.  we had to drop her dad's car off but first we had to stop at menchie's for a frozen yogurt. i  got the two sugar free flavours which were blue berry cheesecake and butter pecan.  they were alright.  i had blueberry poppers on top.  i chatted with the owner who is middle eastern.  it all started when i was trying to find my ten dollar bill and i said that it was hidding in my egyptian pound section.  and he said "you went to egypt?" and i said yes in 2014 and then we talked about different things and i found out that he was from jordan but hadn't lived there since he was quite young and about his sister from australia who went to egypt, jordan and jerusalem.  once starting us on this conversation, i wasn't quite sure how to get us out, but lindsay came to the rescue with a "well!" just at the right time, and we left.

the movie we went to see was called joy.  i really had no idea what it was about.  it was interesting. it was a bio pic but the style of telling it was very odd and surreal.  like a fairy tail along the lines of matilda or nanny mcfee.

yesterday i spent litterally the whole day in my jammies working on egypt pics.  which may have been a bit much.  i watched more gilmore girls.  why is there such wretchedness???  i went to bed too late and had to get up early for ward council.

i had a shower and we getting ready right on point with my timing when i got a text from melissa who is now the rs president saying she saved me a seat.  it was 7:19.  why is she there so early, saving seats i wondered.  only because it started at 7:15 not 7:30.  so i was right on time for 7:30.... meh.

i taught young women's today.  it was on how can i know my heavenly father.  it was great for me to think about and i had some nice spiritual times preparing it.  teaching is like that--so beneficial for the teacher.

there as choir and then i came home and had a loong and delicious nap and there was stake choir and now i'm home cat fluffing out on either side of me.  long live the cat.


when i was at the flying beaver pascale asked me what i was going to do this weekend and i said with some relish that i didn't have any plans and that i may make  my cat leg warmers.  meaning legwarmers out of the cat sweater vest i found at value villiage.  but she thought i was going to make my cats some leg warmers, which really really hit our funny bones and we laughed and laughed and laughed.  maybe archie and izzy would appreciate some leg warmers...

i still have tennis elbo.

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Jeannie said...

hilarious...cats with leg warmers.