Wednesday, November 11, 2015

my alarm went off at 5:45am.  cruelty.  i did what i had to do.  i played candy mania on my phone.  archie perched at my shoulder a purring furry hulk in the darkness.  as i lost my last life i knew i couldn't put it off any longer.  so i turned on general conference talks and flung off my heavy, soft, comfy, warm duvet. i swung my legs over the edge and into the cold, leaving behind marmalade, my trusty stuffed bed buddy deep in the womb of the duvet.  

i padded to the kitchen while the furries wove in and out of my legs, yowling in eagerness for their morning feast.  after feeding them, i fed me.  a bowl of blueberries and a slice and a half of sprouted wheat bread.  when i was done i had blue teeth, which was startling when i looked in the mirror.

i showered. uneventful.  bytheway i have a spider issue.  there was this daddylonglegs type spider in my bathroom.  first he was living under the toilet scrubby, then took up residence on the ceiling in a corner above the toilet.  i decided to let him stay.  i don't find daddylonglegs revolting or scary.  but. BUT. he is a she and now she seems to have a family.  i don't know what to do! i don't want to be like kyle, having a shower and a thousand baby spiders descend upon me!  but now i have a relationship with her! i can't kill her or her babies!  ack.

before i left for work, i got my lunch ready. it was left-over bison, smoked mushroom sauce and quinoa, in case you are keeping tabs.  i also put a load of laundry on.  and then i stopped at the grocery store and picked up some tropical fruits to make smoothies for pascale's birthday.  i got her a card, and a card for yasemin for finally passing her driver's test and a belated birthday card for lindsay.

i got to work 20 minutes early.  lindsay was there eating some timmies.  had she started the coffee?  no she hadn't.  i started to feel the stress rising.  how was i going to get everything done in time if i had to get the snack bar ready too??  calm down laura.  so i did.

we made what i assume was a yummy smoothie. work, blah blah blah blah.  work work work...sugarless, flourless pumpkin muffins (i am trying to use up about 10 pumpkins), prepping raspberryapplepear fruit leather...signing cards...blah blah blah

pascale wanted to go to east is east for dinner. was there anything on the menu for me? yes a salad without dressing.  they all got the silk route feast and were served dish after dish of deliciousness. i decided right then and there--no more going out to eat when i can't get anything good.  what a waste!  also i'm going back to east is east some day.  

when we got up to go i knew i had to pee.  but i didn't know that after i dropped lindsay off at work, and drove home with basically no time to get ready for the young women's sleep over that i would be sprinting from the car to the bathroom.  when i opened the door i was met with two ravenous cats and an overwhelming smell of gas.  somehow the knob on the stove was turned.  how??  i'm so lucky my cats and my apartment didn't blow sky high, but i had no time to dwell on it.  i turned it off, opened all the windows wide, went pee, packed my bags and my foods and ran out the door.  picked up sabrina, picked up linda, picked up rachel and olivia, drove to melissa's where we made our own pizzas... mine was on a special gluten free crust, with no cheese, but it was alright.  then we spent the night painting our dolls and telling embarrassing stories.  

late that night it was only me and rachel and olivia awake.  we were laughing at old music videos the girls had made of themselves.  but i was nodding i went to my couch and fell asleep.

in the morning the girls had smoothies and i had ostrich sliders with no bun, and some cucumber and peppers.  we sat around and melissa taught the girls some ukelele moves  and then we all made clay boots/shoes for our dolls, and then we watched the giver, which was pretty good, and then i drove the girls home and came home myself;

the end.


Katie said...

Laura, it is really hard to read parts of your blog because the letters are basically the same colour as the background in some spots. I agree with you about going out. What's the point if it just feels like denial? I would kill the spider (or make you do it for me). And I'm not coming over until she and her babies have been dealt with...ostrich sliders? were they?

Beth-a-knee said...

just remove the spider to a different spot. far away. she has no business living in your home and has imposed upon your generosity long enough. what is an ostrich slider??!! I've been having similar blueberry issues. blue teeth. blue fingees.

amyleigh said...

I'm sorry I've been so absent from the blogging world.'ve eaten ostrich??
More post!
When you go back to east is east I'll get the silk route feast with you. I'll be your willing partner.