Sunday, August 16, 2015

unfinished post from july 8th 2015

it's wednesday.  i just spent a couple of hours reading people's stories on the humans of new york.  i could read the stories forever.  some are sad, some are funny, some make you thoughtful, some are depressing, some warm your heart.  brandon is doing a good work.  i admire that.  

my week has been very eventful.  let me share with you.

1st. on sunday sarah pointed to my face and said i got lipstick on it.  but it wouldn't come off.  over the past couple of days a scaley rash patch has developed.  it makes me feel extra pretty and special.

2nd. last night i watched oblivion with tom cruise.  i mean tom was in the movie not my living room watching it with me.  kind of a confusing movie. raise your hand if you agree.

3rd. i weighed myself this morning.  i keep going up and it scares me.  i don't like the way my clothes fit me.  i don't feel comfortable.  buying more doesn't help.  i need to find a way to make some changes and fear is not it.

4th. on monday i joined the sisters at tim hortons at the mall.  they taught a sweet lady named grace.  there was something familiar about her.

5th last night i learned how to wrap a box with a lid.  like the lid separate from the box.  it was fun.  i did the top with red polka dots and the bottom with red floral.  mixed patterns.  i dig it. after young womens donna gave me and melissa some material she was getting rid of.  there's something about the possibilities that lay in a piece of fabric.  i can't turn away from it.

7th. i'm hiring again at work. i hope i'm making good decisions.  i'm trying to keep it all together at work and feel like i'm always one step behind.  

8th i have this nagging feeling that something in my life isn't quite right.  something is missing.  i'm not right about something. i don't know exactly.  i keep going, and try to do my best and hope that some day soon things will feel right.  i don't know if that's the right way to go about it.  maybe i should change everything.

now it's thursday.

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Beth-a-knee said...

maybe you should go to the temple to help you receive inspiration about your life and direction. You prob don't need this advice from me. but still i give it.

<3 a fub