Saturday, June 06, 2015

trails of glory

last sunday in sunday school we studied the story of lazarus who was raised from the dead.  as i read the story i thought of the grief and faith of martha, and especially the grief of mary.  mary who sat at jesus' feet and feasted on his word.  how she cried. both said 'if you had been here, my brother would not have died.'  it seemed to me that they both were so full of grief and could not see much more than their pain.  that's how grief is, i think.  and i thought about jesus, how he knew that this experience would be for their benefit and blessing.  how he knew he would be bringing them joy but he was with them in their grief.  he wept and he groaned in himself.  it made me cry so much while i was sitting in class thinking about it.  and i thought about my darkest days and how i have begged and pleaded and how he has walked beside me.  his love is wonderful and something i can't fathom.  

when i got home from church i was sitting on the porch thinking about these things and i saw in the reflection of the computer the earrings that i was wearing that mom and dad gave me last summer when i was in darkest days.  and i felt grateful for the gentle and kind and faithful ways they loved me. and i decided to take a truth pic.  so i did. :)

i had such a nice sunday night on the porch.  i noticed how beautiful my window looked with the trees lit up by the golden hour reflected in it.  then it began to rain little golden rain drops.  there must be a rainbow i thought.  i put on pants and ran down the stairs in my bare feet.  i followed the light.  i embarked on a journey of beauty.
coco and archie are enemies.  here she sits cute and innocent at the edge of dave and chris' jungle of tomatoes and marigolds.
rainbow and sunset at the same time...
the sunset in the window of my neighbour's old car.
first glimpse of the rainbow and the fire of the sunset in the window.
rosy neighbourhood, my bare feet feel good padding along your roads trailing after the glories God put in the sky for us all.
i see you. something special in the middle of many every day things.
the sunset is all over the sky, the car, the paint on the road.
and here.
and here.

i found some basketballers in a park.

and i found this dandelion...

the ballers paid me no notice laying the grass taking clicks of things.  i paid notice to the pretty world.  on the way home across a little bridge over the watery ditch, i heard frogs and looked at the bushy effusions of buttercups.
a blessed day.


Beth-a-knee said...

those pics are so beautiful. I love the glimpse of sunset reflected everywhere.

mudsy said...

what makes one person an Artist and another person not is the way they see.....and artists help us all see beauty Thanks for sharing so much beauty.