Sunday, March 01, 2015

katie and i had a long due date on friday.  i said i could be in surrey by 3:30 or 4, but pfft, what was i thinking?  friday after work is slug-a-bug work to get me moving.  i got to mom and dad's by 5:15ish.  but katie wasn't there that much earlier.

after setting the kids up with some eats, katie, mom and dad and i went out to eat vietnamese food.  it was my first time to this particular place but apparently katie knew aaaall about it.  "i've just been there twice!" she protested.  however, they knew mom and dad quite well.  'chicken instead of pork, no lettuce on the bottom, extra salad and extra basil" :) katie and i ordered two different things and shared.  salad rolls, meat kabobs, vermacelli, salad. pretty tasty.

then katie and i went to the mall.  i needed some pants.  and some tops. we found some jeans on sale at the bay and no, not one cute top.  but we found some t-shirts and a hoodie at old navy on sale as well.  the shopping trip was a big wake up call.  time to shed some chub.  ugh.

back at ma and pa's we had diabetic ice cream with peanut butter and watched belle with mom and dad on netflix.  i was soo tired, but that didn't stop katie and i from talking for a while when we went to bed.  we slept with little malachi between us.  i think i woke up a lot.

next morning dad made us a sergio breakfast and we lounged around a bit before we all headed home.  i drove home in my jammies.  i'm cray like that.  it was a beautiful day and i wanted to rejoice in it, but when i got home, i didn't.  which is a shame.

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amyleigh said...

You and your plethora of yummy places to eat!! AT least your rejoiced in the beauty while you drove. Driving can be good like that.