Wednesday, February 25, 2015

he did visit me

"wherefore, i did cry unto the Lord; and behold he did visit me"--1nephi 2:16

this morning i had one of those prayers.  the ones where it all come spilling out and the honesty and the realness between you and God is the pure thing there on your alter.  this kind of honesty in prayer isn't an every day thing with me.  i don't mean that usually i lie or anything like that.  i mean that sometimes i just feel blocked.  not fully able to commune because of something in me. i call it blindness.  Jesus healed the blind and i asked for the same blessing.  i ask for it.  and God, he accepted my offering.  and i felt him near.  and then i read this verse in the scriptures and i wanted to do this picture. and make it honest and real too.  exactly, or as closely to it as i could.  i'm inspired right now to tell my story of right now.  not how i want to be--but what i am right now, in photos.  truth photos.  it's my thing right now.

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amyleigh said...

I. LOVE. that! what an inspired idea - truth photos! those are the kinds of things we relate to and are touched by.