Sunday, February 22, 2015

and he'll draw nigh

add archie tucked into the crook of my mouse arm and you have an accurate self portrait of me this sunday evening february 22nd 2015.

there's a new couple in our ward.  they're both musically talented.  today the husband played the piano and the wife sang this song: (this isn't them, just a rendition i found on youtube and they also appear to be lds)

the first verse, i was like why is she saying are there anybody here--that's wrong. then the second verse, are there anybody here like peter a sinkin', call to my jesus and he'll draw nigh,...  i was like, yeah, me.  i'm like peter sinking sometimes.  and i call to my jesus and he draws nigh.  and big tears piled up in my eyes and spilled out and ran down my face over my jaw, down my neck... i found it so simple and beautiful and so true.

i've been thinking lately about "ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you" in relation to knowing God, feeling him close, asking for his comfort and help.

i'm grateful for the messages God sends me.  i've noticed lately that sitting in my meetings in church, it may not matter what is being said or sung, i am open and a-tuned to the spirit, and i receive so much more.  and  it could be about anything in my life.

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amyleigh said...

that song is so beautiful and WOW can that lady sing. I love the simplicity and truth of it too. <3