Monday, January 12, 2015

nice about today: leaving work and it was still light and not raining either.  so nice.

today was busy.  we made the salmon and veggie panini, and the quinoa salad and tomoato cucumber salad in the afternoon.  then we plated them and took them upstairs for a little photo shoot.  then i portioned them all up and invited everyone to try some.  the panini were soooo good.  delish.  like hello sailor.  everyone loved them.  mixed reviews on the quinoa salad. 

 lindsay, kaz and pascale have all been sick and i have escaped.  but lindsay was super sniffles today and now that i'm home my throat is starting to feel like something bad is going to happen.  call it an ominous premonition or call it post nasal drip, but whatever it is, i don't like it.

last night i went to stake choir with evelyn.  she was going to drive me but then found out she had to car to drive, so i drove her.  her husband dropped her off  early at my house and she brought a yummy apple cinnamon tea and we sat and talked and she folded and refolded my gossamer green ribbon while she talked.  so then we had choir and since there were only two practices and we missed the first one, we decided to practice during the week because we are dedicated to choir and choir is basically our lives.

tomorrow for young weemin's we are having a january birthday party.  and basically i want to make party hats.  and a felt banner.  because not only am i dedicated to choir, but i'm also all about the party novelties.  don't feel bad.  not everyone can be me.

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amyleigh said...

panini!! I just made soft tacos with a chicken/yogurt/avocado/onion/bell pepper filling - thought of you.