Saturday, November 15, 2014

sooooo hot.  do you think i'm ungrateful?  i just wanted normal heat-- not to be slowly dehydrated into human fruit leather.  not to live in my own personal sauna.  not to breathe in heat clouds and simmer and burn. seriously.  the heat has been blasting non-stop.  instead of gnawing on my frozen corpse, the cats will lap me up when i melt into a pool of butter.

archie is a silky orange mound of liquid slumber.

last night at the circle craft fair, there was a booth where they made stuff out of vintage furs. so remade fur things into other fur things.  there was a rabbit muff.  it was so soft and silky and warm and cute.  i wanted it.  i also loved the fox muff, but it was too big. is it so wrong?  so silky-wilky and so unique, and no new animal had to die.  i am officially putting this out there--i want a rabbit or fox muff for christmas.  martha is also called muff.  please do not confuse the issue.

i'm on vacation for a week.  yay.


Beth-a-knee said...

yay for vacation! funny about the heat.

amyleigh said...

I wish my silky orange mound and YOURs could combine and make many silky orange fur puffs.