Sunday, November 16, 2014


this is the cook family.  i did their photos in the summer but couldn't bring myself to work on them.  my creativity balloon was limp and deflated and dormant in a corner.  but things are changing.  somehow the balloon is starting to fill up and float upwards.  i worked on photos for hours on end yesterday, like at least 8 but more than 8.  i was back in my groove.  and basically, i think the light in the grass is gorge on this bottom pic.

in other news i let the fruit flies go unchecked in my kitchen until yesterday i had to take matters into my own hands when i saw that they had become a cloud of pestilence casting shadows by their sheer bulk.  alas many of them swim in apple cider vinegar and olive oil graves now.  sleep on tiny ones.

kyle ate chips he found under sarah's bum.  i'm just saying.

so, it looks like my stake primary days are numbered.  shhhhh.

today i sat in the back of the teng's car with joshua and sabrina on the way home from choir.  sabrina offered me a tortilla chip and i challenged her to see who could eat their chip the slowest.  the rule is you have to keep eating the whole time.  no stopping.  we said 'on your marks, get set, slow!'.  my winning strategy was to use only my two front teeth and to nibble microscopically.  i won 2 rounds.  the third round i was bested by sabrina.  don't say i don't know how to have fun with chips.  because i am the origninator of chip fun. okay?


Beth-a-knee said...

haha. genius chip game. love the photos. the light in the grass is diVINE.

amyleigh said...

those photos are beautiful.
I am in awe of your chip fun skills. wouldn't DREAM of challenging your expertise