Thursday, November 13, 2014

i'm so tired.  it seems like these days at work i'm always busy and every moment is filled up with things to do and people who need me.  which isn't the worst thing.  today we got the new legs on our table, and i painted it with primer and then one coat of glossy white.  i think it will need one more coat and it will be done.  i'm trying to get the office in some semblance of order for my peeps before my week off next week.  oh guess what?! someone donated a matt from ikea, it's turquoise with white polka dots and has a lady drinking from a pineapple.  i think it's perfect for our office.  if i can find a spot for it, we'll keep it.

when i was painting the table i was thinking how lisa would hate the colours i chose for the office. it makes me sad in a way. and today we went out for sushi for a birthday dinner (i also had bbq grilled squid--yum), which was fun and we never could go out for sushi with lisa because she only likes chicken fingers and caesar salad, and so it's fun but it's also sad.  the sushi place was in steveston and after we were done we shivered in the cold over to timothy's and got gelatos in the warm freshly made waffle cones.  i was meeting elena down town after to go to the circle craft christmas fair so and kaz lives downtown so he drove me and we had a chance to talk.  it was nice.


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