Wednesday, November 12, 2014

heat waves

i wore my new shirt today.  its 3/4 length grey sleeves are soft and cling gently to my arms in a pleasing way that i enjoy.  i paired it with my hot pink 24 hour lip stain that i saw on amy and promptly bought myself.  amy and i are lip twins and bethany isn't.

our dishwasher at work is leaking out the back and richard the friendly dishwasher tech was in chili wack all day and so you know what this means.  it means an environmental disaster of paper plates, plastic cutlery and styrofoam cups.  it means washing the dishes the scout camp way.

so i'm remaking our office.  we painted one wall turquoise and the other walls pale turquoise.  to me it's the colour of the caribbean (or the red sea--i love you red sea, miss you, kisses).  next i had the great round table search of 2014 which resulted in a free table acquired from macdaddy's church.  but the legs were, let's size.  so because in the great round table hunt i made a visit to home depot to find out the ins and outs of making my own table if i had to...i knew about the folding table legs for only 20.00.  so today we took of the shrimpy legs, sanded  the table (we're painting it white) and hopefully tomorrow we will put the new legs on and paint it glossy white.  i also bought new shelves from ikea.  white cube ones.  you know?  kallax.  here's an example:
i chose that example because we also chose some hot pink magazine holders to go inside, but we got orange pully boxes because we can't get enough of bright colours apparently!

kallax was not easy to put together.  it's held together by wooden pegs and uhh...well... some pegs broke inside the holes...and well uh...after several trips to rona we figured it out but let's just say it's still a little wiggly.  but that's ok we'll fasten it to the wall! all our cookbooks will look great on here.  so little by little the clutter is getting organized and our space is becoming new.  it's fun and stressful at the same time.  i think when it's done we will feel happy about our space and use it better. place has become an ice box during this cold snap that we've been having.  yesterday i asked dave downstairs to turn the furnace on.  just the moment i stood at his front door and felt the cozy heat coming from his apartment made me feel grrr and growl as i walked into the icy tomb of my place and piled on the fleece layers.  and today i got my front neighbour's number from ken-i'm-not-sure-if-he-wears-a-toupe-or-not-landlord and texted them if they would please turn on the heat.  well they weren't home but said they would no problem when they got home, in the mean time i opened the oven door and turned on the heat, because this is what you have to do if you don't want to be found stiff and blue and partially eaten by felines.  then i went into my room and closed the door.  um...over 3 hours later i opened my bedroom door to a waft of heat--nervous laugh--oh yeah the oven! that thing sure can heat up a place!  and now, i know my neighbours are home because...drum roll please.....the heat is on!  (it's on the street!)  this is a personal victory.  last year it was december.  MID december before the jerks in the front turned on the heat.  glad they are gone.  glad i don't have to bundle up like the michlen man in my own home.  glad for heat.

so i started a new blog.  it's a family scripture study/sharing blog and so far 10 people have said they will be contributors but only one's contributed and that one is me, if you know what i mean.  i have high apple pie hopes for this blog.  i'm looking forward to being inspired and strengthened.  i hope it works out.  you can read it here.


Katie said...

Laura I'm going to contribute. Today just ended up being a bit crazy. I'll do it tomorrow.

amyleigh said...

I like the sounds of this reno. that you've been in charge of. Also, way to lasso in all the blogging flailers with this new blog idea!

I think you should just ask your landlord right out about the toupee.

I also have to comment on the morbid reference to your felines snacking on your frozen corpse. ..

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for heat!!! Hip Hip Hurray!!! Can't wait to see your finished office.


Beth-a-knee said...

but i want to see you bundled up like a michelin man :(

also, anne of green gables would approve of the open oven warming technique.