Monday, September 22, 2014

busy day.  i barely sat down the whole day.  probably my longest sit down was for my interview.  the interview went alright, thanks for asking.  i'll probably find out the result tomorrow.  i know they only interviewed kaz and i, so i can't imagine they will wait long to tell us.

i have developed what i believe to be a dy-no-mite vegetarian lasagna.  this is where mom pops in and says brightly "it would be even better if you added some caesar dressing".  the woman is a caesar dressing fanatic, but it's served her well, i can't deny it.

after work i drove my squeaky car to pier 1 and looked at papasan chairs (aka dish chairs. ie. moon chairs).  basically it will cost 235 for the base, the bowl and a cushion.  gotta save for my retro comforts.

then i did something i haven't done in a long time.  i went grocery shopping.  i went to superstore because i have so many points on my card that i only had to spend 7.50 for my groceries.  feeling pleased about this.

i came home and made roasted tomato soup and ate it with some parmesan sour dough toast.  yumbly.

i'm tired all over.  i'm going to sleep until the cows come home.

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