Wednesday, August 27, 2014

summer fun day

today was our annual summer fun day at stanley park. so i wore my funday funpants as is only right.  last year i drove there with lisa.  she told theresa that she didn't want to take the loser cruiser, aka the bus, a term that i taught her.  she brought two blankets and some magazines for me and her and kaz and we went down to the beach and took it easy, laughed talked and flipped through the magazines. on the way home we found this song on the radio that we totally dug and then spent all of the next day until closing time trying to figure out what the song was.  this year lisa is at home and less of a lisa and i took the loser cruiser with everyone else.  i brought a blanket and kaz brought a tatami mat and lindsay, the new girl brought magazines.  but it wasn't the same.  i stayed with them for a little while, but then got up and joined the activities.  in the relay race i was in charge of bringing back the spoon after somone had balanced a water balloon on it.  it was a biiig responsibility.  colin tried to throw his water balloon at me so i told pheobe to throw hers at him.  tit for tat man.  later we served lunch and i was in charge of the ambrosia.  we had subway sandwiches, ambrosia, potato salad and chips.  there was cookies and rice krispie squares and candy bags for dessert.  ugh.  i had too much sugar.  we took a group photo of everyone there and then i made everyone stay there and take a jumping pic because jumping pics are important as everyone knows.  i played phase ten with a dwindling group of people.  in the end it was me against dave d. and i lost.  before it was time to go, i had to walk down to the pool and pay for our people who swam.  when i got there i found one of our members surrounded by life guards.  apparently she had had a seizure.  so i had to pay, talk her into going to the first aid room with the life guards, and she was talking erratically and not making much sense.  meanwhile i knew the bus was getting loaded up but the life guards had called the ambulance because that is their procedure.  so i called lisa m. who had the clubhouse van and she came back and i left to get on the bus.  everyone was on the bus waiting for me and i got a lot of ribbing and teasing until i told why i was late.  on the bus ride home i became part of a texting triangle in which theresa was told to smell my hair and she did...weirwd.  she reported that it smelled like coconut...correct.

today when i woke up with a bright blue tongue.  i won't tell you why.

also i've been obsessed with a spanish show called gran hotel, which translated is grand hotel--surprise.  i have finished the first two seasons of it on netflix and of course it ended with a huge cliff hanger and is the 3rd season to be found anywhere on the world wide web?  no it isn't.  lo siento laura.  what am i to do???

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