Tuesday, June 03, 2014


one day in a far off land that we will call...ummm....er....how about....egypt!..a girl spent a glorious day snorkeling the coral of the red sea off of a saudi arabian island.  the girl lost herself in the wonders of the miraculous underwater world and was blissfully happy...until she realized that she burnt the backs of her legs.  stem to stern.  tip to top.  drumsticks and thighs.  at that moment she felt like a dummy for forgetting to sunscreen her legs...but she also felt happy because well she had spent the day exploring the perfect creations of God in the red sea, and plus she was in love, so you know, that helps.

3 weeks later, the girl is alone in canada with her cats and her legs are peeling and there is nothing that can be done about it.  wuuuut.  that's life sometimes.

hi.  i'm still dealing with egypt withdrawals in more ways than one.  most of my sentences may start with "in egjjypt..."  i may spend my time editing egypt photos.  everything i wear, my clothes, my perfume, my jewelry--it all brings me back.  i research egypt things.  i make egyptianish food. i'm here, but i want to be there.  is this normal?  i feel like i'm caught up in an elaborate dream sequence in the movie inception, that does not end. sorry if this bores you.  sorry if i'm a one trick pony now.

 maybe i'll never be the same.

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