Tuesday, May 06, 2014

my friends the pyramids and my burial

well i am behind in photos, but i have discovered that it takes a loooong time to upload pics. this day was the amazing pyramids day.  bashir took me on a tour of all the pyramids on a camel that apparently is named michael jackson.  riding a camel is so fun, even if it does cause your jeans to rub off all the skin on your bum.  who needs bum skin if you are on a camel in egypt looking at one of the 7 wonders of the world right? of course right. 

 going down into the tombs you go down these ladder stairs backwards.  instantly it is so hot and clammy.  instantly my arms are slick with sweat.  see below.  bashir takes 1000 pics of me.
 this was one of his best ideas. a group of russians who were with us in the tomb copied me after i got up.
after this my feet were also slick with sweat and my flip flops broke.  abdul who is ali who i am finding a wife for, and who is our guide, fixes it with a saftey pin.  later that day bashir bought me cut flip flops with golden birds on them, red strap and gold heart. soo cute.

later that night we met up with abdul/ali our guide again and he took us out into the desert to this hill top where you can sit on cushions and chairs and watch the pyramids.  we were going to see a light show with the pyramids but there was no power that night.  still it was so nice and romantic.  ali was wearing a white galabaya (which is like a dress for a man. :)  ) somehow i have agreed to help ali find a canadian wife.  if anyone wants to come live in egypt with ali, let me know.  he doesn't know much english though, but he says he will practice after he's married.  ali is getting me a necklace with my name in hyraglyphics and also bashir asked him to get me a piece of the alabaster from the pyramids.  i feel this is probably wrong, but also so cool.  after being there for a long time ali took us to a cafe in the middle of the road.  he bought me fakfahina (the amazing fruit salad).  this one was sooo huge and had bananas hanging out each side and a scoop of ice cream on top and a  small glass of  rose water with mint in it to spoon on.  it was amazing but i was so full already.  everyone tries to feed you here.  bashir, ali and the jewelry guy talked a long time and i watched people. there is so much to watch.  after a while i fell asleep though at the table.  then we went home.  this was the end of the amazing pyramids day.


amyleigh said...

um, YOU ARE ON A CAMEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for being fed so much, you sure are looking thin and cute and tanned…
sounds sooo amazing! please keep the posts coming in between adventures, I'm eating them up..

mudsy said...

I do . ( need bum skin )

Andrea said...

Sounds so amazing!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Just.....Wow!


Beth-a-knee said...

genius--rosewater on fruit salad! I'll parrot everyone else--it all sounds so magical! You got to see one of the 7 wonders of the world! That's so cool!