Saturday, May 03, 2014

cairo morning

last night before i slept i bathed.  they have a little bathtub filled with cool water.  if you want to shower with warm water, you sit on the toilet and spray the hot water on you.  after you are done you squeegy down the bathroom floor into a drain. (i saw a cockroach by the drain on my first night, so i try not to look by the drain).  well i wanted nothing to do with hot water.  i stood in the little bath of cool water and took a pitcher and poured it over me.  it was sweet relief.  i was so dirty with all the dust and sand of egypt.  bashir's car has no ac so we drove the whole time with the window's down.

after my shower i put my damp hair up in a pony tail, and fell asleep on top of the covers by the window with the ceiling fan going.  this morning i woke up just after 5am and there was no going back to sleep.  so i got up and had another cold bath, this time to do my hair.  it was the lovliest feeling to douse myself with cool water.

the good thing about the heat is i only had my hair pinned up for not even half an hour and it was dry.  no need for the blow dryer.

i did my make up.  put on all my sunscreen and moisturizers and was ready for the day but everyone was sleeping still.  i dozed for a while.  and took some pics.  now everyone is up and i'm sooo hot already and on my 3rd water bottle of the day...  today we visit my friends the pyramids.


Katie said...

Eww about the roach. I can't believe his car has no ac! They should not even sell cars without ac there. I'm glad you had plenty of time to take care of business ;)

amyleigh said...

can't WAIT to see pics of the pyramids! those cool water baths sound lovely, but it must mean heat that I cannot comprehend right now.

Beth-a-knee said...

I can just feel how you feel when you write 'bout it. that's convenient about the heat drying your hair for you. coincidentally, you hair looks a beaut in the other pics.