Sunday, March 16, 2014


it's time to end the silence and let me be the first to speak.  i just got back from dropping heather off at the bus station.  we had a nice weekend together.  i picked her up on a sunny friday evening at the bus depot on main and terminal.  she popped into the car and filled it with her heather energy--giddy and chatty and i haven't seen you in a while--heather energy.

of course we stopped for a donair.  it was a worker i didn't know, but i appreciated the fact that he was generous with the sauces without my promptings.

we talked a lot.  and then we decided to watch sword in the stone.  but we were both so sleepy and a little sleep deprived and could not stay awake.  so we went to bed.  ...because we are middle aged now.

saturday morning we got up and attempted to spruce ourselves up, and left home early for the temple.  "do you have any breakfast foods?" heather had asked me.  "i have coupons for mcdonald's" i replied with a twinkle in my eye.  "that will do, pig, that'll do." said heather like the farmer in Babe.

so we binged on mcgriddles. you don't need to know how many.  but you do need to know that i conduct drivethru business through my back window.

the temple was so nice.  soosoosoosoo nice.  i got to see the new-new film and i loved it.  i also got to see dad, who clomped in last minute.  i was thinking afterwards about how i felt.  and how i always have that same feeling after the temple.  i feel peaceful and spiritually uplifted, but there is something more--i feel satisfied. sated.  all empty spots filled.  hungers and thirsting of the soul are satisfied.  it's a promise Jesus makes and i am still learning how he keeps it.

then heather and i bought some new undies and the distribution centre.  i cannot say how exciting this is.  then we went shopping in the real world and i bought nothing although i was sorely tempted to buy some dkny skinny jean capris in dark wash and a flowy blue top.  but just those two things would have been 140.00 dollars without tax and that is just wrong.

next we visited nikki and james and spencer and kaylee.  we did some nice catching up, had some laughs, ate sushi, and marble deep dish mccain's cake, and played with the kids before coming home and not watching grease.

today was my first time in richmond ward since the first week of february.  it was so nice to see everyone and it was a bit weird to go to sunday school and relief society but it was nice to be there with heather. i think i've written the word nice a lot.  don't count how many times.  it wouldn't be nice.


Katie said...

I miss our temple trips together. And I can't believe. You let heather get away with being too sleepy to watch a movie!

Beth-a-knee said...

thank you for breaking the silence. it had to be done!
I don't like the new film. it is not better. it is more cheesy. the acting not good. over-acted.

Laura said...

well katie, i was sleepy too, that is the key. bethany do you mean you don't like the new, or you don't like the new-new?

amyleigh said...

it's the mark of a great foodsman when he doesn't have to be prompted on the extra sauce.

sounds like a fun visit!!