Sunday, December 01, 2013

nu är det jul igen...

yesterday i did 6 hours respite.  it was fun.  we took the skytrain down town and went skating at robson square.  well i didn't skate obviously.  i froze on the sidelines.  my feet were wet in my disintegrating brown boots right from the start.  but he had fun and that is what matters.  then we ate at burger king and then we caught the seabus to lonsdale quay, no i did not see uncle duncan, but i thought about him.  at the quay we looked around and bought some bubbles and blew them outside.  then we seabused, transited home.  6 hours gone.

when i am with someone innocent i don't care what people think.  i care about the happiness of the innocent one.  i dare anyone to be bothered by us.  double dog dare. :)

then last night mom and dad and i went to see the book thief at silver city. it was beautiful and it was sad and it was just the right thing to crack me open.  on the way home i prayed and cried and cried and cried--the ugly loud cry even.  i don't know why some movies have that power.  i don't know where all of the emotion comes from.  after that i was exhausted and fell asleep.

today is the first day of december.  you can't stop christmas from coming it came.  mom and dad have their christmas tree already.  so do sarah and kyle.  this year i'm determined to have my own christmas tree.  it means i'll have to clean up around here. that's the sacrifice i'll have to make for christmas.  christmas, i'd do almost anything for you.  cause i love you.  i love your light shining in the darkness.  i love your good cheer to all men.  i love your secrets.  i love your good works.  i love your shining eyes.  i love your joy.  i love your giving.  i love your warmth.  i just love you.  welcome back christmas time. it's been a long year.  i hope i can appreciate you better this year.  i hope we can spend some special times together.


Sarah-Lynn said...

Yay for Christmas, and a groin is not a groin. There. Are. AREAS!!

Andrea said...

I wish you'd come here for Chritmas!