Sunday, December 15, 2013

last day

it's sunday again.  it doesn't matter how sundays come--if i'm well rested, or sleep deprived, if it's drear and rainy or bright and sunny.  it doesn't matter how they come--every sunday is a gift.  today it's sunny and i'm sleep deprived and basking in the glow of sunday once more.

as i got ready for church i thought about how it was probably my last sunday in primary.  i wanted to cherish it and treasure it.  i wanted to live it out to it's last good drop.  i chose christmas out fit number 1: spring green polka dotted pencil skirt, and cranberry velour soldier jacket.  i tied a red ribbon in my hair.  i was going to leave it like that, but last minute i swept it up into a loose side bun.  i chose a gold bangle (rene's) and a green and gold choker that i twist around my wrist, and green and gold earrings that look like they could be christmas trees, but aren't.  gold eyeshadow with a light cranberry line and red lipgloss, light blush. voila.  oh and brown flats--don't judge. krystal said they were ok and she knows these things.

speaking of judging, that reminds me, i was talking to sarah on the phone while i was getting ready for our ward halloween activity and i was telling her about what was what.  i was telling her about how were were having a costume contest and that there would be judges.  then i added on that i was going to come up behind the judges and start singing in an upper class, old lady voice "judge not that ye be not judged..."  i believe i might have said that i would flap my owl wings while singing it.  this imagined scene continues to give us a case of the giggles whenever one of us brings it up.

back to my last day in was nice.  end of story.  just kidding.  no, it WAS nice, but let's talk about it.  well the new president is daisy valentino, and i felt good as soon as i heard her name.  mei lin is still a councellor, which makes me happy because i know she doesn't want to leave.  the 2nd councellor is leah silver who is currently the ctr5 teacher.  nice presidency.  they will be awesome.  so it felt nice that i can leave the kids in their capable hands.

as soon as the final prayer was said, cassie, who was a sunbeam when i started and is now finishing ctr 6, came up to me and hugged me and said she would miss me in primary.  when i got to primary i fielded some questions as to why people get released from callings and things like that.  then i, as i have been since the end of november, did singing time with the kids, teaching them the christmas songs for our christmas program.  i love doing singing time actually.  it's a lot of work, but children are so malleable.  one thing that i have learned during my time in primary is positive reinforcement.  it really works.  any time the kids are misbehaving or whatever, i may be tempted to harp on what they are doing wrong, but all it takes is to point out any small thing that some child is doing right, and it's like magic how they all fall in line.  well...not perfectly or anything, but still it's been a great lesson for me. have i mentioned how much i love them?

as esther noted on facebook already, as review to away in a manger i asked the kids if anyone remembered what the girls do and what the boys do.  evan pipes up and answers "kiss!". oh that kid.  the whole primary, teachers and kids together laughed long and hard about that one.

before sending them off to their classes i asked for a group hug.  junior primary joyfully threw themselves into the group hug, so much so that we all fell over in a pile of giggles.  then i got some stellar single hugs from various kids before they went off to their classes.

senior primary started with naomi asking if she could touch my hair.  i asked if i could touch hers, so we did a trade.  when she touched mine she said "oooh it's just like touching taylor swift's hair!" hahaha.  we didn't have sharing time for the senior primary.  i just worked them hard musically the whole time.  at the end they were less inhibited with the group hug, but i still got most of them in it which was great.

i don't know if i've ever felt so blessed by a calling as i have by this one.  (except my mission, but that's different).  thanks HF!

after primary i went in search of daisy to see if she had any questions and that's how i got invited in to the setting apart of the new presidency.  there was a special spirit in there.  i felt really good and peaceful and happy about the new presidency so that was nice.  daisy and i are meeting on tuesday to go over things.  i am going to be ashamed to hand her my primary binder--it's ridic in it's disorganized untidy mess.  basically i didn't really use it.  basically i wasn't the most organized president.  that wasn't where my strengths lay, fo sho.

different people have been trying to guess my new calling, but so far no one can really figure it out.  i haven't been sustained in church yet and i'm not sure when that will be.  wait and see, wait and see.  meanwhile i'll still lead the kids when they sing in the christmas program on sunday.  at least there's that.

dad has a friend who has cancer.  he's in hospice at peace arch hospital.  his daughter was in our cantata choir too.  dad's friend wanted us to come sing to him, so today a smaller version of our cantata choir met at the hospital, and all squished into his room and sang our program to him.  it was really special.  i had a perfect view of his face and a couple of times i almost lost it and began to cry while i was singing, but i had to pull it together.  he had the sweetest countenance.  he was like a child in the best way--pure and innocent and full of faith and love.  he closed his eyes and sang along with us, beaming the whole time.  he thanked us after every song and said it was the most beautiful choir ever and so spiritual.  our last song was silent night and we ended with "sleep in heavenly peace." and i almost lost it again.  when we were done he thanked us in such a humble, joyous and faithful way.  most of us were in tears.  then dad said a closing prayer and we left.  it's an honour to be a part of things like that.

it reminds me a little of when we gathered around gram's bed and sang her our love and goodbyes. i think that it's a sacred time when we enter this world and when we leave it.

juenne fille's time may be sooner than we thought.  she isn't drinking her water, but izzy is.

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Karey said...

ummm I know your new calling :) Those kids were so lucky to have you. They are sure going to miss you.