Saturday, December 21, 2013

a shop day and a snow day

i have a confession.  i didn't go to bed last night.  i went to bed this morning at 5am.  it's just what happened.  so anyway, at around 3 am i stood up from the kitchen table, where i was sitting in a kind of daze, instead of doing what i was supposed to be doing, and when i stood up i saw that the world was white.  snow.  (this is where bing crosby and danny kaye, rosemary clooney, and vera-ellen pipe up and start singing "snow...snow..snow...snow..." in harmony).

i woke up some time after 8am but before 9am with cramps. yay! wu-wuut.  i determined to go out and experience the magical snow first hand.  so i forced my high-heeled foot into edith's winter boots (thanks edith), tucked my candycane fleece pjs into the boot, put on a scarf, toque, jacket and penguin fingerless mitts, grabbed my camera and out i went.

had some solitary fun.  there were snow geese.  on a snow day.  snow geese on a snow day.

i forgot i was wearing my pj bottoms and so did not comprehend strange looks from passers by until i met my neighbour judy walking her dog molly, who mumbled something about them to me, and then i remembered.  it's like sometimes i expect people to think i'm normal and then i remember, oh yeah your freak flag is flying girl.  i embrace freakiness.  it's a part of me.

yesterday sarah and i and eSTAIR! VEN AQUI!, went shop-shopping.  we started at the outlets in queensbourough where sarah and i found some sassy little deals.  like we were holding something, a something that shall not be named before christmas, and i was like totes in awe, saying to lovelay, "like it's totes only 2.00!"  and she was all "whuuuut" and that's when a worker stepped in to say |"it's actually 30% off." and me, always seeking clarity said with great emphasis and precision "30% off of 2.00????" "yep!" beamed the worker, bouncing off to spread shopping cheer to others. that's when lovelay and i looked at each other slack jawed and slithered into pools of giddy delight.  and then we solidified and took advantage.  we split our purchase at the till, each having to pay only 6.66/7 for a number of items.  we were pleased with ourselves and each other.  one could even say we may have been twitter-pated.  and that's when another girl walked up and said casually, "you want a jacket?  they're only 7.00".  our heads snapped round and then snapped off.  the jackets in question were cute hooded fake leather with some wrinkle, snaps and zippers and it was super cute.  from what seemed a far away dream land lovelay's voice was heard to say slowly "yes.  yes i do."  the cardinal rule of not buying for yerself on christmas was broken, but it pretty much had to be.  we both agreed on that.  sarah said i shouldn't be jelly.  but i was. i was totes jelly.

after seeing all that the outlets had to offer us, we made our way to richmond centre mall.  first things first, we stopped at the dining terrace.  i was really hoping that esTAIR would be impressed.  she was cool about it, but i knew that inside she looooved it.  me and e got new york fries.  i can't help it.  it's what i always want at food fairs.  e got the pulled pork poutine.  yah, i know it's good but i got that last time. so i was going for veggie the works--good in it's own right.  last minute i almost blurted out beef short rib poutine instead, but i didn't.  i held firm.  i'll never know if i made the right decision.  sarah got some curries in a hurry.  we ate.  we got pink berry.  we enjoyed

we shopped.  we visited fossile (pronounced like difficile), not because we could actually think of spending so much on so little, like one must at fossile, it was just because we like fossile and we wanted to look at things we like.  well they had a lot of people on the floor and it's a small store.  each of them talked to us.  they were eager for some consumerism, but it wasn't going to happen with us.  sarah was petting a colourful purse and i tried on a pair of blue aviators, which i liked a lot.  that's when a man who might be hispanicish, came up to us and started flirting outrageously.  he said we were both very beautiful and asked if we were sisters.  we said yes we were and then he said are you really sisters? because some people just laugh and say yes but then admit that they are just friends.  we are really sisters, we affirmed.  he said he knew from our eyes.  he said our mom must be the most beautiful of all.  she is, we said.  she really is.

at american eagle we saw a sign.  it was on a table with some fleece items for males.  it said fleece your navidad.  it really hit our funny bone. aaaaand so it became a thing that we say.

we decided to fleece our navidad at old navy because that is where all the deals are.  but we didn't decide that until after we had made our other purchases, which shall remain unnamed.  as we were walking out of the store, sarah caught the sign that said half zip micro fleece 15.00.  let's fleece our navidad!! we exclaimed.  so we went in search.  everyone we asked brought us to some fleeces, but NO HALF ZIPS.  that is when we started punching racks of fleece as hard as we could.

because of kyle, e's kids were home alone so we had to leave.  i was so sleepy once we were back in the car.  and when i got home, i fell asleep for what may have been 4 hours and that is why i stayed up all night.

i found this on tumblr and it made me laugh.


amyleigh said...

LOVELY pics Joyus! I loved especially the ones of that dog. You can get me that dog in puppy form for Christmas please.

I'm so jealous of your Christmas shopping. It's just not the same doing it here by myself. thanks for documenting though. At least I can take part in this way! sounds like you and lovelay had a very satisfying shopping experience, too.

haha, I just have to acknowledge fleece your navidad. It tickled me as well. I concur with this.

LeashyLoo said...

I've always thought that snow is so magical. You captured its beauty and stillness so well in your pics Gilda! Speaking of geese - I saw a flock of Canadian geese the other day at lake as I drove by and it make be nostaglic for home and wintry Christmas there. Your pictures made me feel better. BTW I thought that your knickety knack quote was funny. It sure tickled my funny bone! Love ya