Wednesday, November 27, 2013

i'm having a lot of creative blockage lately and i don't know why.  it stresses me out because i have a lot to do and i can't seem to do it.  stress doesn't help creative endeavours either.  vicious circle. snarl, gnash teeth, snort.

on a brighter note, i read 3nephi 17 today.  sigh. sometimes when i read that i can put myself in that crowd and i can feel like i was really there.  because in a way i was.  in a way i am.  all the time.  he heals me and makes me whole on a continuous basis.  i hope one day to thank  him like the nephites did.  i hope to live my life as a thank you.

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amyleigh said...

good luck with your creative endeavours! mebbe try some indulgent de-stressifying things, like a pedicure or luscious bath or whatever makes the stress float off your shoulders and the world seem more full of promise….I know! a good movie!! One that makes you sob all your sorrows away and feel hopeful. that always does the trick.