Monday, November 18, 2013

"blow me up", said kimme to me, via text.  i paused.  she was going to advize me on how to price a shoot.  there were so many ways a text like that could be taken and i wasn't about to guess.  i decided to come clean and declare innocence "uhhhhh.  what does that even mean" i texted back. kimme responded "haha.  i don't know.  damon says that when he wants chris to call him.  i thought i would be cool and use it too.  let's try that again--call me."  after i called kimme told me that first she had accidentally texted "blow me up" to damon's wife, melissa, which adds so much more confusion, hilarity and awkwardness to the whole thing.  she always gets into awesome mix ups.  tickles my funny bone.

and i have a lifetime of developing odd and creative ways to hurt myself.  on tuesday i stayed home from work with my issue of blood issue.  sometimes i like to say 'issue' with a pure ss sound instead of the 'sh', and when i say it like that i might purse my lips, and look down my nose pointedly with arched brow.  i had an appointment with the doc in the afternoon and before that i went to get a blood test.  so, if you must know i was feeling week, shaky and listless but i needed to put on some socks, so i attempted to walk around the foot of my bed in order to reach my dresser, the sock drawer, and indeed, the pair of socks.  this is when something bad happened.  something unexpected and to be honest--something cruel.  i stepped over a large zip lock bag that i had stepped over a hundred different times in the last little while.  the bag had old knitting stuff in it.  i didn't even look down as i stepped over, i was that confident that i could clear the bag.  but i didn't.  no, somehow in that fateful step i stabbed my foot with the knitting needle that suddenly appeared to have poked through the bag in a way not seen before. i looked down in shock.  the needle had dug along the surface of my foot for about 2 inches or so before exiting the way it had come.  but seriously, that thing was in my foot?  weirdly, it hardly bled.  probably because i had little blood left for foot injuries.  i didn't even tell the dr. about it, but i knew about it, and that's all that really matters.

then this morning i stepped on a piece of glass in the shower.  as if you don't break glass items in your shower.  you're fooling no one buddy.  this time there was a lot of  blood, which i allowed to bleed freely in purplish red pools on my shower floor as i calmly finished brushing my teeth. and that's how i came to have an injury per foot these days.

that is also how it came to be that i sported the highest top knot known to man--injuries take up time man--time that one needs if one is to have one's hair down.  i would like to write so much more.  it was a truly stellar day.  but i'm falling asleep while i type which a sign i like to interpret as bed time.

 so highlights:

1. primary presentation.--the kids were wonderful, beautiful, spiritual giants and sang like angels.  i half kneeled half sat on a low stool beside the pulpit and my legs were so cramped at the end that i didn't know if i could unbend them to stand up.  that would have been embarrassing.  anyway they were so cute and so perfect in every way. i love them so much and i'm so proud of them.

2. first day of ward christmas choir.  bro. roeder picked out some really beautiful arrangements.  i'm excited.

3. enchilada dinner at the roeder's where i met their youngest son and his wife, and did a small photo shoot, which was delicious and fun.  sister roeder is the bright shiny star in that family.  she fairly beams in her photos.

4. stake cantata choir with my choir bestie--krystal.  we had some good chats full of tangents on the way there.  stake choir is so fun!  i love our music this year.

here's some photos i took that i may or may not have  botched up in the editing process.  whatevs


Andrea said...

I used to look after all those boys and teach them music in primary. The oldest was my favourite.

amyleigh said...

arrghghhhh!! you and your horribly creative foot injuries…OUCH.

Beth-a-knee said...

oh my goodness. you are right. that knitting needle injury is cruel. there is no other word. The picture makes me flinch. I can't look at it.