Saturday, October 19, 2013

on sunday august 25th, 2013, in kelowna bc, sarah and i wrote this story when we should have been listening to our sunday school lesson. the fist sentence is by me and the next by her, and so on.

sweat trickled down her back and pooled in her butt-dimples.  her butt-dimples were really deep.  "here we go again!" she sighed.  "how can this be happening today of all days?!!"  "what's that dear?", asked fred, raising a furry brow, "did you say something to me?"  at this moment his face really annoyed her and without thinking she reached up and slapped him before she could restrain herself.  it stung, but fred pretended it didn't--he knew about the deep butt-dimples that plagued her.  once while he was running his hand over the small of her back, his finger got stuck in it.  he had had to pull it out with a lot of force, and with a loud squelching sound, which made her totally mental. this had put quite a damper on their relationship.  fred swallowed the lump of frustration and tried to reason with her, "listen babe, it's time to pump out the dimples, and that's ok.", he smiled with what he hoped was encouragement.  he slowly pulled out the extraction device that he had proudly engineered himself.  that's when she whipped out her razor blade, and before he knew what had happened, she shared off his bushy brows.  "two can play this game!!" she said victoriously. fred felt tears gathering, "my furry caterpillars!", he sobbed quietly into his hands. suddenly, at seeing his sadness, she regretted her choice.  "fred," she said softly, "i'd be honoured if you'd pump out my dimples for the rest of our life together."  fred no longer cared about his furry caterpillars anymore, he let them float down to his feet and he grabbed her by her butt dimples, pulling her close.  this was the turning point--this was the start of forever.

you know the moral of the story don't you?

i'm sitting at my kitchen table with archie stoically guarding his favourite spot on the left hand side of the screen.  i'm facing the windows and my living room window is filled up with a gorgeous red and orange maple from the row that lines the path to the school.  i just had a bowl of steaming roasted butternut squash and the steam lingers.  my laundry sits on a full basket on the table.  on occasion i lean over and give archie an affectionate head butt and nuzzle.

thursday after work i hopped on the train and went downtown.  i met kaetlyn there as i was taking an instagram pic of a pigeon man.  we walked down granville to a sushi spot.  we went inside and chose a huge booth for just the two of us.  kaetlyn said other people always order sushi for her.  she said she only really knew yam rolls.  so we decided to each order a specialty roll and not tell the other what it was, and share it.  "but what if we order the same one?" i asked  with some trepidition.  the always accommodating and flexible middle child was already on top of it with a back up plan if i ordered her choice.  but we both got something different.  i got the granville and she got the sunrise.  we added a yam roll and some spicy agedeshi tofu and we had a feast.  there were some laughs about how awkward it can be to eat huge sushi pieces.  at one point she looked up at me just as i was stuffing a huge piece in my mouth with the helpful shove shove of my chopsticks.   it was fun visiting with kaetlyn and finding out about her adventures in iceland.

after dinner we walked down robson and browsed stores and talked more.  when we parted she gave me two pics and we promised we'd meet again to go through her pics of the icy volcano land. she's probs gonna live in vancouver.  cool eh?

last night me and leilani and mei lin went to the target in delta and did some halloween party shopping.  while there we pretty much solidified leilani's costume as a butterfly ballerina.  all i got for myself were some funky and wild false eyelashes with big purple swishes and such.  i don't know what to be!!!

this morning i took the boy to the beatty biodiviersity museum.  we had fun.  ubc is so beautiful in the fall!  i miss it.



Sarahstottle said...

That's actually the story we wrote the week after, on the 25 we were in Abbotsford, and it was a good one too. You should share that one. Did you decide to be an owl for halloween??

amyleigh said...

hahaha!!! that STORY! I read it out loud to Shawn, and you should have seen the horrified look on his face. laughed so hard.

sounds nice n' autumny! I just had sushi, too. yumzors.

The Painted Lady said...

oh my GOODNESS.That story...??!! So gross. Had a good laugh and a few gasps of pure horror.
Love sushi. When I'm off the diet, can't wait to have some again.