Wednesday, February 13, 2013

v day dance

one day i'll wash my sheets and duvet cover like a good upstanding citizen should.  and that's where the good citizenry ends.   the truth is i'm the kind of bad seed that washes one's bedding and neglects day after day to put the bedding back on the bed.  and somehow a week or more goes by in the state of bedding limbo.  i should get run out of town, but before you get out your proverbial pitch fork, i want you to know that i don't ever sleep on a bare mattress.  i have a mattress cover,--show mercy on me.

i am so sleepy.  today was the great and dreadful v day dance at work.  theresa and i did it and we made it special and awesome and super fantastic.  i danced my head off.  like i boogied it right off my shoulders.  mireya brought her two daughters chloe and kailie who work me into a lather with all the jumping and dancing and twirling they force me into.  we had a love limbo, a line dance, a spot dance, a freeze frame, and several other fun things. i seriously had lots of fun dancing.  i miss the fun days in my ysa youth  when we danced hard.  i'm not an awesome dancer or anything but it can be so liberating to just move with abandon and joy.

for the v day dance me and michelle prepared a glazed, bacon wrapped tenderloin, twice baked stuffed potatoes (these were the biggest hit and so delish), roasted broccoli, and glazed carrots.  for dessert i made a brownie bottom strawberry ice cream cake.  the ice cream cake was hard to do. i was expecting it to be easy.  the problem was that the ice cream was super melty and it wasn't hardening up no matter how long i kept it in the freezer, however the brownie bottom was frozen solid.  i think it was quite difficult for many to eat.  but we had home made hot fudge sauce, so who cares.

after giving away our last prizes and everyone went home, theresa and i cleaned up and then for some outlandish crazy reason that confounds all rationality we sat and talked for an hour and half.  now i would like to sleep for at least 2 days.

do not disturb.  or disturbia.  ever.


Beth-a-knee said...

you are always making things that are glazed. it is very sophisticated of you. the tenderloin sounds soo good.
The only times I've ever danced with abandon are when I'm at home by myself or with just my sisters. Never in public. I've always wished I could though!

amyleigh said...

haha, I laughed at the first part because I, too, am that type of citizen that puts off putting the bed back together and sleeps on the mattress cover.
Sounds like a very successful dance! I love dancing, too! I don't get many chances here, so I dance alone in the living room a lot. The food you made sounds amazing.