Monday, February 11, 2013

family day

it's a historic day.  the first family day of bc.  in honour of this day, the furs and i have planned some special events to do together.  after all, a family that purrs together, stays together.  isn't it so?  sadly i just cannot seem to trill my rrrrrrs enough to purr, so that is a dark foreboding for our little family that i'd rather not dwell on.

something has been missing in my life.  well a lot of things have been missing in my life but i've discovered one particular missing piece yesterday.  i was finishing up on the new years day pics, (see below) and i like to listen to something while i work on photos.  often i pic the mormon channel.  indeed i had been listening to it but sometimes words become too much.  i switched to the mormon channel's music stream.  still.  too many words.  i stopped to think a moment.  what was my current need? obviously words were an over stimulation at that point.  i wanted inspiration and beauty and no words. and that's when rachmaninov reared his head in my conciousness.  quickly i gathered some rach and chopin piano concertos and some yoyoma cello concertos and it was perfectness.  right now i am listening to rach's raphsody a theme of paganini and it is sublime.  and i hate to blurt things out like this, but i feel to confess that one of my favourite things about master and commander is the cello violin duets.  that and the galapagos islands.  hey, i am totally talking myself into watching that movie again.

so i am looking for an extra job.  i am looking to make extra monies.  i am not picky.  to illustrate this i took on two near by paper routes.  this is a mere 80 odd bucks a month, and not really what i had envisioned, but i thought it would be good to get out of the house and amongst the peoples, the plebes, the common folk.  apparently it's a requirement to wear a reflector vest while delivering the papes (i'm a newsie now fo sho.  move your elbow, pass the towel...) and although i have a said vest in my possession (5 dollar deposit off of the big monthly chunk of change) i do not plan on wearing it.  report me if you will but i'll be doing the papes in daylight so a reflector vest would be double the dorky.  i'm going to need a cart of wagon of sorts.  friday is my first day.  i'm going to need my own newsie alias, so start thinking.

i had an interview on friday night for a position--residential type work.  it was at timmies, which i thought was a bit strange.  i got there before my two interviewers.  the guy who called me to set it up said i would know him by the rose in his teeth.  just kidding.  he said he would be the one with a bow tie and galoshes.  no.  i wish. he was to be the bald asian guy.  no such person was there so i sat myself down to wait.  ross arrived first and then ted. ross or was it russ? wasn't bald and ted was wearing a toque so nice one ted.  what was i to do if i arrived after you?  walk up and pull off your toque?  that would have been an awkward moment.  so anyways the interview didn't get too far because they were really looking for two  full time people.  part time i would have to commit to every saturday of my life and then it would be a 24 hour shift noon saturday to noon sunday.  so it was over before it really started.  suddenly i was all dressed up at a tim hortons with nowhere to go.  i went home.

so then i was on fb minding my own business and matt messaged me.  all hi laura, what's new?  everything is new to you matt.  so matt got to the point which was to invite me to do some documentation,  my job was to be behind the scenes and take clickity clicks of the short film he was doing.  after i established low expectations i agreed to do it.  i was going to clean the pig bin i live in (it rhymes and i feel clever) but that could wait. and so it was saturday morning had me using up my last bit of change to take the sky train down town.  i walked from yaletown to english bay area, straight down davie to an apartment on nicola.  it was paige's apartment.  paige is a friend to cassandra and an animator, which is cool..  cassandra is the actress and both are ysa girls and from alberta.  matt was already there.  it was interesting to see how one goes about filming scenes.  i took quite a few clicks and now i have to narrow them down.  i was there from 11:45 to 4:15.  the film is about a girl who dates guys to kill them and steel their money.  paige just happened to have target practice poster on the wall of her living room which was perfect. so i took some clicks of cassandra there, at the end in her killer teal dress.

once home again i did something i shouldn't have, but what's new.  i stayed up until the wee hours of the morning.  i seriously thought about skipping out on church but i knew i would regret it so i went anyways, and i really would have regretted it.  we got our new bishopric person called--brother taylor, or creighton's dad, which is how i think of him.  my thinking of our ward is very child centric, but that is only natural i guess.  primary was good.  the junior kids were so good and so very cute.  winnie's outfit just killed me.  she was wearing a black sequined party like dress with a long sleeved purple striped shirt underneath, and purple tights with navy polka dots.  love it.  little sophia with her curly side bun gave her first talk.  alberta surprised me by quoting the rather hard scripture of the month perfectly.  i stole a chat with evelyn who still comes to play the piano during the first hour even though she's in young weemins now.  i helped karen organize the pencil crayons.  she is tackling the organization of the cupboards which makes me so happy.  i furtively munched on a fruit roll up.  it's the small moments.

my kitchen is too dirty to make breakfast and yet my stomach is gnawing.  my stomach is saying feed me seyemore!  today is clean up day.  the cats are so excited about this togetherness work party.

happy birthday to my little sis, mrs. essense, martha and the muffins!


Sarah-Lynn said...

had many a chuckle here and there- like your family day with your cats, and keeping matt's expectations quite low, and the small moments, like eating a fruit roll-up.

Beth-a-knee said...

paper route--that's a good one! didn't think of that. 80 bucks a month is still somethin'.
happy family day! Give the furs some long strokes for me.

amyleigh said...

wow - a paper route! you should get a shiny red wagon.

sometimes classical music just hits the spot. I hear ya on the rachmaninov.

good luck with the finding of a second job!