Wednesday, January 09, 2013

after blogging what i blogged and when i blogged it, i decided to check my letters binder to see if i could find katie's corresponding letters to me.  my letters binder for that time, is the very binder that i received at the infamous lewis craft christmas gift exchange.  that story is found here.  anyways i found one of the letters that my letter was responding to.  then i went through and saw what other letters were there.  a letter from doug on his mission.  letters from john and layne on their missions.  a whole whack of letters from katie while she was in japan (the first time), and a note she wrote to me from math class--she memorized the bathroom stall door for me and wrote it in the note, ha ha.  then there were letters from giselia, and sharon, and myles watchout son, fatima and one from wendy and one from anh tran all during our grade 11 and 12 years.  i really enjoyed reading them.  i don't know what it is, but it made me happy.  we were so silly and young.  it's funny when reading them all together to hear what each person revealed about themselves and what was revealed about them by others.  i got so much gossip and talk about boys and grievances and shopping and grades and they were full of our ridiculous sayings and fatima entitled each of her letters and had the title on each page. i can barely remember what it was like to be that girl at that age but i liked going back in time and visiting my friends from those days by reading their letters.  i found myself urging myself from my past to stay in touch, to write lots, wishing i had done it better.  wishing i didn't take for granted the time, the age, the friends.

i wish people still wrote letters.

i'm going to write one right now.



The Painted Lady said...

i wish people still wrote letters too. it seems so long ago that people actually did this, but it wasn't really! haha 'bout katie and the bathroom stall. hehehe.

Sarah-Lynn said...

who'd you write your letter to? It's fun to read old letters, Katie sent me a pic of one I wrote her on her mission. I was so overly dramatic and ridiculous. It was hilarious, and something I totally forgot about, and have no recollection of the things I told her, so I'm glad she still had them.