Wednesday, November 07, 2012

now that i've revealed the big news about my scab, everything else feels a little anti-climactic.  i'm going to tape it into my journal and remember the day it came off forever!  you know what's gross?  scab cereal.  just saying.  i still remember someone telling a story of accidentally eating a box of a collection of scabs in the middle of the night, thinking it was cereal.

i'm wearing a pair of sarah's ratty yellow rocket dawgs and am enjoying it immensely.  i arrived in kelowna  yesterday evening.  i spent some time riling the boys into a frenzy.  it's always been my gift to take relatively calm children and transform them into delirious creatures, frothing at the mouth.  it's a gift and a curse, truth be told.

sarah made a yummy curry and i ate it.

before the boys went to bed sloan and i had this conversation:
s: you know what?
l: what?
s: when my mom was a baby she came out of gramma's butt!

we watched some voice and then when kyle joined us we watched some up all night.  sarah fell asleep and so we all went to bed.

so sarah sent sloan to wake me up around 9:30.  according to my machine i slept for 9 hours and 42 minutes. woah.  like woah.

we had curry omlettes and did t-tapp.  shayla, the little girl sarah babysits watched me with big shy eyes.

sloan and shayla followed me into the bedroom as i fished through my suitcase for some clothes.  "what are you doing?"  asked sloan.  "i'm getting some clothes to wear." i answered pulling out this and that.  "oh." said sloan, and then pointing to one of my pink delicates "i like youz bra."  "thanks."  i replied.

got some goods at value villiage for some projects we are going to do.  projects of FUN.  sarah also found some steve madden heels that rocked her boat.

we picked up kyle and determined to have sushi for lunch.  hello.  we got so many delectable kinds i that i couldn't pick a favourite.  while sarah and i were gone, kyle ran to the asian store and bought some gyoza and dim sum bites.  we feasted.

after picking up adriel and alexa we had to clean up the yard  so the land lord could show the basement suite the next day.  it was a big job because not only were there toys and odds and ends scattered about the yard, but the walnut tree had vomited copious amounts of leaves and nuts which lay in a thick soggy blanket all over the huge back yard.  to make matters worse, half way through it started to rain.  we did as much as we could before we were too soaked and tired to continue.

i taught adriel how to chop broccoli and we had fun doing it together.  he was very enamoured with his new skill and wanted to hold the knife all the time and to chop anything he could get his hands on.

right now we're at the church and sarah's doing her young weemen's activity.  they're making headbands.  then we go to soccer.

i may give my scab to evan for christmas.

i like myz bra too.  saying 'bra' makes edith giggle.
i've always wanted a scab for christmas, says evan, much pleased with the prospect.  kitty tries to be happy for him but stews with jealousy.
the very knee--the birth place of the much celebrated and anticipated scab
the first meeting of the EAT APPLES NOT SCABS (E.A.N.S.) CLUB.   
 laura contemplates, "why do babies come out of butts rather then belly buttons as they ought to?"


Sarah-Lynn said...

Evan definitely deserves the scab for Christmas. Maybe we should all keep track of our scabs between now and Christmas and then he can have a variety. I may even go ruff myself up on purpose, just for the sake of producing a scab...I've been inspired.

Evan said...

You guys are gross.

Beth-a-knee said...

hahaha! Evan should get the scab.

hilarious captions. love ut.

i like youz bra too, 'cept when you throw it on my face.

Edith & Freddy said...

so the word "bra" makes me giggle eh? hmpf

LeashyLoo said...

The scab cereal story made me sick to my stomach...

amyleigh said...

sounds like a trip full of funsies. Sarah's boys are always good for a funny anecdote.