Saturday, October 09, 2004

ugh. full of stew. too full, in fact. ( sarah-lynn is too in fact)yesterday:after stephen dropped us off at quarter to six, elicia and i were excited to find out that there was a six thirty ferry. our excitement faded considerably when we realized that six thirty means ten after seven in thanksgiving weekend ferry time. spent most of the ferry ride reading my anthology of diarists. barclay fox and a horrific story to tell about men he met who were stranded for 21 days on a boat with no food. they drew lots as to who would die for the others. a nineteen year old was first and they said a prayer and then killed and ate him. he tells it in a very detailed nothing barred kind of way. example:
January 9 1836
"I met Captain Gillard, master of the Agenoria, who confirmed all the statement of Capt. G. as far as he was competent. I saw the penkinfe belonging to Capt. G. with which the 3 men were butchered. I saw sticking to the blade--horrible, horrible!--a piece of human flesh, a relic of their cannibal meal!"
it actually happened, how horrid. the church was six years old then. anyways i had a little sleep too. elicia was reading her church romance and chatting with the friendly couple that sat in our row. we were supposed to get to nanaimo by eight oh clock but we didn't get off the boat until at least quarter to nine.
gotta go. all the girls are getting here for a 'girl's night' and by all the girls i mean quite a few. aunt elaine, delanie, karen, esther, sarah-lynn, martha, me, bethany and amay.

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