Friday, October 01, 2004

today on my way to granny b's, i was driving with the windows down and the dido blaring and unFORtunately, the pages of my benefits package flying about the back seat free and unfettered. poor granny b has a cold. she had a roast beef sandwich that one of her homemaker 'girls' made for her and she gave me her left over chinese food. she has her food on wax paper on her plate, so she doesn't have to wash the plate after. we ate in the living room so she could be comfy in her chair. she told me that when grampa was visiting her she wouldn't dare suggest eating in the living room. she said "men don't like that." "they don't?", i asked, surprised at this assertion. "no." she affirmed. "at least not that i know..... they don't thank you for a meal on a lap." something i didn't know. i'll have to write that down and put it in my hope chest. :) i looked through her birthday book and corrected some of the dates. we reminisced about the years that i would visit her every new years and help her write the birthday's on her new calender. she's over run with birthdays to remember now. on the one hand she feels compelled to remember birthdays with a card or a letter because it's her thing. it's what she does. but on the other it's just too much for her now. but where to draw the line? she says she doesn't send anything to anyone over fifteen now. i looked at her birds of canada book and she told me about a time when she saw a flock of bald eagles flying in a v towards squamish for the salmon run. i didn't know eagles ever flew in flocks let alone v's. they way she talked about grampa and the things she said saddened me because i wish her life could have had a happier ending. she was excited to give me grampa's camera and said that it pleased him to give it to me. it's really nice. there's lots to learn. i can't believe my luck.

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