Wednesday, October 06, 2004

so the food wasn't that different than lebanese or greek with indianish names. i got an eggplant dish and lamb shank. i also ordered a drink called dough. yes dough. what if dough ordered a dough? anarchy. pure anarchy. anyways a dough is kind of like a salty lassi made with yoghurt and mint leaves. basically jules (melia's husband) put it right when he said it's like drinking sour cream. a runny grainy sour cream very sour cream that is. dough was a drink i kept coming back to. i was sitting next to megan jules' cousin. she was chatty. at eight thirty steve and i tore ourselves away, sacrificing ekmek (don't know how to spell it) with the gang for the vice presidential debate. dick chaney and that handsome dog john edwards. john edwards should always be said as one word. johnedwards. he was a southern drawling dennis quaid-ish 'hard hitter'. dick chaney was a solid, experienced and confident father figure. i'm learning a little about american politics. it's innerestin. sometime during the debate, yet another smell handicap surfaced. this involved my feet. i couldn't smell them! and the point was that they did in fact smell. i held my sock right up to my nose and smelled NOTHING and yet that same action performed by mr.s. awesome clarke produced very different results such as a violently screwed up face and perhaps a subtle gag reflex, but i can't be sure about that one. then today i apparently smelled like a hobo, which is rather abstract since i'm not sure exactly what a hobo smells like, but i'm sure it can't be good. the good thing about that, is it turned out to be turkey and not my own bodily odors. we cooked four turkeys today at work. we're getting ready for the thanksgiving dinner we're having on friday. right now the northern hemisphere of my head is a distinct square hazy muff of fuzz. like a dirty cloud not necessarily rooted to my head but just floating there around the summit of my forehead. meanwhile the ends of my braids are flammable straw wicks. today i left work around three to go help gloria settle into her new place. i put up clocks and a few pictures and we moved the bed and night stands around and it all added up to the fact that it was almost four thirty by the time i left. so i picked up steve and we went to the post office and what did the boy get in the mail today? only set one of the charlie chaplin collection. this is a purchase i approve of. so i was supposed to come home and do my laundry but the thing was once i got home i was feeling sleepy and so i thought "i'll just have a little nap." and so i did. half an hour. but then it was quarter to seven and the last load goes in at seven and i probably wouldn't make it there, besides it was cold and i was hungry, so maybe i'll wash my clothes at home. i just got to stretch the undies out until then. this means wearing the unfavourables. the oldies. the see throughs. the holies. you get the picture, i hope not vivid though. so karey and i watched her new purchase, the prince and me, and then girlmore girls and by girlmore i mean what i say. more girls. which made me sad. now charlie's angels is on. right now drew barymore is beating some guys up with her hands tied up. she called it before hand like you do in pool. you know eight ball in the side pocket. kind of like that.

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