Sunday, October 10, 2004

ok. i lied. amay wasn't there. she worked last night. esther's mom was here though. i forgot her. we all watched anne of green gables. i slept through large chunks. missed matthew dying. on friday i burst through the door of the kitchen to see the twins in their jammies baking pies. i said they had two minutes to get ready. we had about ten minutes to get to the theatre for napolean dynomite. they were amazingly quick to look presentable. so i finally saw the wedding sequence. it was ok.
saturday i spent a lot of time in my jammies taking pictures with my new camera. i just wanted to use the film up that was in the camera and experiment using the telephoto lens. so i got a lot of clooooooooooooooose up pics of sarah beth and amay as they wandered around the kitchen and one of mom. these weren't all popular pictures after they were developed because, to my delight only, that lens pics up the tiniest detail like face peach fuzz, teeny tiny zits etc.
on friday when we went to the movies i took mom's nice car because the crap car (that i don't mind driving at all) had a flat tire. well dad made a big deal about it. like i snuck it while they were out because i was dyyyyyyyyyyyyyying to drive it or something. sometimes i think he forgets that i'm thirty not thirteen. besides i've driven it lots of times and it was never a big deal. so unpredictable. he said the crap car didn't have a flat tire and i hadn't seen it. i was only going on what amay told me. so when amay and i went up to save-on we took the crap car. well. on our way there while we were waiting to merge onto the highway a guy pulled up beside us and told us that our tire was flat. i knew it. i knew dad would tell me the tire wasn't flat, we'd drive it and find out it was, but for some reason i didn't check it before we left. so i'm the real dumb dumb. probably because i was in a huff from my stew confrontation with mom. so anways we got to save-on and i called dad and told him the tire was totally flat. "i don't believe that it's totally flat." he said. "well i don't know what you call totally flat," i shot back not willing to argue what was flat and what was not, "but it's pretty flat." so he said he would come up on his motor bike with a pump. amay and i sat on a big rock outside of save-on and i told her a steve story. the one i chose was prompted by her pointing out to me that they have a pita pit now. i said "steve only likes pita pit...." and of course that developed into the infamous day we spent on 4th ave when the boy couldn't decide on where to eat and when the final decision was made it was without logic. dad showed up and when he saw the car he did not eat his words, but he did say to drive it right over to kal tire. so we did and amay expressed her opinion that you had to be a hot boy to work there. she said it was a pretty boy shop. there was an overabundance of cute young boys there and they fixed our tire in no time and didn't charge us but gave us two carnations and a note to the "lady of the car". the boy who gave them to us blushed. so it had taken us so long, we could go pick up our pics so we went back over to save-on, got them, wandered about a bit, looked at some amber jewlery and turquoise too, had some tasty samples and went back out to the car. amay fumbled about for the keys "um, where are the keys? " she queried with a blank faintly confused look. as she was saying "uh... did i put them down on the counter?..." my eyes connected with the very keys she was searching for. they were hanging in the ignition. man oh man. so we went back and called home. dad was gone. mom was gone. karen said she'd come get us so we went back to the big rock and i showed amay the pics and we ate the licorise allsorts that amay bought so she would have the correct change for tithing. karen brought some keys she thought might be the spare and one of them was and so we drove home and had some styew and biscuts. shortly thereafter aunt elaine arrived. it's been nice visiting with her. just now she was sewing a button on a white blouse she's had for seventeen years. this is the first time she's lost a button. i try to keep my clothes in tact for at least a year. sarah did my hair yesterday with a special curling iron. snake curls she called them. boy did that give me body. she did it while we watched sense and sensiblity. i think 'elena's' charachter is very interesting. i should start getting ready for church but i don't wanna.

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