Friday, October 08, 2004

morning. woke up easily at six thirty today even though i went to bed at twelve last night. good for me. good for me. pat on the back.
yesterday steve and i watched one of his new charlies. the gold rush. it was good but not as good as the previous two we saw. had one hilarious scene. then we chose some new music, (for my education and edification), to play in the car and came over here to watch survivor and the apprentice with randal james and karey leigh. am thouroughly dizgusted with the guy's team. dumb-dumbs. and don't know how long i can bear what's his bucket's stoopid shirt with the open arms all the way down to the bottom. ugh. apprentice was good. felt bad for the girl's team because it was so close, but they're just a bunch of cats, so i don't feel too bad, if you know what i mean. then the night of tv was ended with a satisfying viewing of er. the boy was nice enough to occupy his-self with reading articles on the world wide web during the high drama of the chicago emergency room. later i had a little chat with my tired overworked overwhelmed elicia loo.
well got things to do, got things to do. amongst them getting dressed, packing my bags, and doing my chores. heh.
ps. amay once stymied by styew is now stunted in memory.

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