Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Jer 29:13 "And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart."
Prov. 8:35 "For whoso findeth me findeth life..."

i've been experimenting. the experiment is basically getting up at six thirty to have scripture study and therefore have an extra half an hour in the morning to do things like write in my journal if i wish. works so far. morning regret: should have brushed my teeth last night. yuck. i hate that morning not brushed tastefeeling. but i was so tired i just stripped off my clothes, peed and fell into bed. i must admit i had a fleeting thought about brushing, but i pushed it aside. today the question is: was that extra two minutes of sleep worth it? no, not really. not really.
my life long ambition to eat at the afghan horsemen has finally been fufilled. well ok it wasn't life long per se, but a couple of years at least. melia, steve's ex-girlfriend was the medium of fulfillment in this case. it was her birthday yesterday and we were invited. this is how it all transpired: picture steve and i driving down broadway towards cambie where the afghan horsemen lies. we're arguing about the credibility of arguments given by the historians studying evan stephen's personal domestic life. i had said the article he sent me read like a gossip column. this of course, got his goat. meanwhile i crossed main and was feeling like we were pretty close, saw some road side parking and parked. on doing so i encountered two objections. #1. we were still far from our destination (it's true, i had overestimated our nearness we were around three blocks away still.) and #2. there was a large gap between my car and the curb. (again, true.) my answers to the objections: #1. a little walk isn't that bad, and it's not like anyone cares when there is a music store or Wendy's to walk to (referring to a bigger hike than this in our recent past to those very locations) and #2. i simply don't care. "that's right you're lawless." replied my rule bound boy who is of course conscientious about the 30cm guideline of roadside parking. this made me laugh. it's true. so at the afghan horsemen we sat on the floor on cushions at these low tables. ......... to be continued

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