Monday, October 11, 2004

it was a good sundee yesterdee. it just happened to be my luck that it was primary presentation sundee. the program had pictures the primary drew all over it, like the one by aaron setting the table while his mommy rests with her legs coming straight from her head and sam's with the inscription "Get rid of Devil scums" at the bottom of his picture. madelaine, michelle and michealah all gave talks. michealah came up to the podium looked out at the congregation and beamed a huge sunny smile and began to talk about the good feeling she got at the temple. michelle, you could tell, was utterly terrified. she had deep shuddering breaths and didn't look out at all, but the impressive thing was how well she did despite her transparent fear. she did the six be's. she's a little smarty pants. i sat with sarah-lynn elizabeth tucked under my arm. we enjoyed the way the wallburger boy in front sang out loud and enthusiastically but with a little scowl under his curly locks and over his chubby cheeks. we enjoyed singing together again. i think i like singing with my sisters the most of anybody. i miss it. sunday school was a write off because as usual katie and i sat and whispered the whole time. we were sitting in front of the rudolphs and i was hoping that they were too deaf to be bothered by us, but i don't think so, because if they were why would they sit so far back? relief society was very good. it was about prayer and i had some good insights and i felt the spirit and i was reminded of some truths that i knew but can tend to forget.
we had a perfect roast beef dinner. well almost perfect. perfection would occur if we had hot homemade buns like we used to, but near perfection isn't bad. after dinner we started talking about grampa clarke and a horrible practical joke he played on one of his neighbours and then about how dad and elaine used to get in and out of trouble. they said if elaine took the blame she wouldn't get in big trouble (a bad 'lickin') like if it was dad or allen, so she would often take the blame. then elaine and i started talking about mina and stephanie and mina's new marriage. it's a very sad story. i know it sounds simple and dumb, but i really do wish people could just love each other and act like they feel. there's too much poison between people.
meanwhile i was starting to feel worse and worse. ie. headache, stuffy nose etc. and then my nose started running and i started sneezing. i couldn't deny it anymore. i was getting a cold. i moaned about it not being good timing for a cold because i was just facing a whole week without lisa at work, having to run the kitchen all by myself, and mom told me to take some vitamin c, have a cup of tea and get a blessing. i basically pooh poohed the suggestion, but i thought about it more. it would be so nice to have a blessing. so i took some vitamin c, got bethany to make me some tea, (they've lately become herbal tea converts here) and went to my room to pray about it. i had some things i really wanted to hear from Heavenly Father. when i asked dad for a blessing he said "why, are you having problems?" i said "no, i'm getting a cold." after my raspberry rapture tea, i went with him to the rocking chair in mom and dad's room. it's been the blessing chair for a long long time. and i got a blessing. i was blessed. my sickness was first addressed and then he seemed to be closing but in my heart i pleaded for more and he hesitated and went on to address each thing that i had just prayed about. this morning i woke up not congested at all, but with a little rawness in the throat.
it's twelve. i should probably shower and change out of my jammies.

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