Thursday, October 07, 2004

i enjoy an ice cold honey do half on occassion.
this morning i woke up at seven just kind of by accident that is, not on purpose. had barely any recollection about what happened at six thirty when my alarm went off when i apparently turned it off. did however have a growing realization as i stood up, of my lower left thigh, just above the knee. still sleeping. luckily i avoided another 'event' such as the being felled like a stunned tree and falling like a potato sack with a rip in the bum and a long scratch there too. not that that's happened to me before or anything. reason for sleepiness, stayed up until twelve thirty talking with the yogi of my life, the half moon practicing fatima m. it was a good convo. it was some connection time i needed. what i need to do now, is go to work but not before i finish the hair and put on my socks and give my outfit a final ok, although due to laundry pile up what choice do i have? not much. and there's more turkey today, so more hoboness i'm afraid. bye.

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